Healthy Meals Kids Will Eat

Very Healthy Meals Kids Will Eat - When it comes to food that kids will actually eat, it really depends on your child and on what he is used to and what he likes.

Because no child is the same or will love the exact same food.

But the meals in my meal plans are kid-tested though, so most kids should be OK with having those meals, and your child might even love them, who knows?

At least I know many children, including my son, who loves all of the food on the Healthy Meals Kids Will Eat plans.

You can sign up for them when they are ready, I'll let you know.

Healthy Meals Kids Will Eat

But what is a good meal?

A meal that isn't processed too much. A meal made at home using good ingredients.

I usually put carrots and cucumbers on the side of my son's plate. He only eats a few and gives me the rest. But if I make a nice dip with avocado, he will almost always eat all of it.

Some kids like carrots and other vegetables though. I know a three year old who does.

If yours do, take advantage of that and give them many every day!

It will help their eyesight develop and the nutrients are also good for the skin.

Here you can check out some healthy meals for kids here.

Vegetables are really good to have in front of you when you watch a movie or when you do something else that is passive.

Or if you are feeling creative you can make something beautiful out of them before eating.

Something my son loves though is celery. I usually forget to buy it on a regular basis, but I know I should! Because he eats that without any complaints and even sometimes asks for more or goes to the fridge to get some himself!

Nutrition for Kids

Have you ever heard someone say that the more colorful your food is, the more nutritious it is?

The reason is that the phytos that are so healthy for us and do their little miracles in our body, are the pigments (different colors) of the fruits and veggies.

The more colorful the fruit is, the more phytonutritents are present in that fruit.

Phytos or phytonutrients are very powerful...

•    They protect your blood vessels
•    They help improve your eye-sight
•    They fight disease

We are so lucky the supermarkets are full of colorful vegetables and fruits that are so good for our health :)


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