What Keeps Kids Healthy

What keeps kids healthy? Health coach Antonia Nyberg answers this for you.

Kids often get sick. Colds, fever, ear ache, diarrhea… but is there a way to make your children less prone to getting sick? Something that actually keeps them healthy?

A strong immune system can easily fight off viruses and bacteria that your child is exposed to, that's why eating healthy is a must when trying not to get sick.

Keep the immune system high

Give your children enough skin contact!

Hug them every day and hold hands as much as possible. This will keep the immune system of the little ones in good shape.

Also, don't let them spend too much time indoors being inactive...

They need fresh air and exercise to stay as healthy as possible.

And make sure they have friends and things to look forward to. This makes them less likely to catch nasty stuff that's going around, because studies have now confirmed that being lonely and unhappy actually weakens the immune system.

What Keeps Kids Healthy?

Apart from what we have already discussed, if you are worried your child might catch something, up their intake of vitamin C.

Try to make sure they have a few fruits every day and some vegetables/greens too.

what is good for children to eat

Something that has worked very well with my own son, who rarely is sick, is to always give him a fruit (or a few fruits) in the morning.

And then I make a green smoothie or some fresh juice a few times a week also. I often give him a fruit that he takes to school, but he doesn't always remember to eat it. But that's okay, because the times he does remember counts.

One health expert I know says that adults should eat 1-2 pounds of vegetables or greens a day (to stay healthy) and children could have the same amount, but less is totally fine because of their size.

But for me personally I feel that it's enough to have one salad a day only, and sometimes it's not even that big. See, I'm more of a fruit person.

But if you are wondering how much 1 pound of veggies is, check out this chart:

By the way, broccoli and spinach are examples of veggies that are good to steam a little. But of course they can be eaten raw too - it is just that broccoli is hard to chew and it is easier to eat more of if it is steamed.

What about milk?

Does it help our kids stay healthy?

Not really...

Letting children drink cow's milk is not a very wise thing to do, because that has been linked to respiratory infections, digestive problems, allergies and even to diabetes later in life.

Cow's milk hinders also the absorption of important nutrients (like iron) in the food we eat with it.

And oh, want to know how much sugar there is in something like chocolate milk?

In only one glass you find 5 1/2 sugar cubes!

Not good...

I wanted to share this video with you:

Hope you now know what keeps kids healthy and what doesn't.

Have a great day!


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