Baby Nutrition Guide

A baby nutrition guide for all of you lovely parents!

What kind of nutritional needs does a baby have? It turns out they need a high carbohydrate diet, low protein and moderate amounts of fat. Does this sound confusing or difficult? It really isn't. Because healthy foods that you baby should be having after the first few months on this planet are naturally composed that way, high carb, low fat with some fat in them - great examples are bananas, fresh figs (you can make fig sauce that is super nutritious), coconut water and coconut milk and then we have the rest of the fruits and the berries. 

Fig sauce I made the other day - excellent baby food

You can start by giving he baby fruits in juice form, by juicing some apples for example at home. You can also use a high speed blender. As long as it is fine enough for the baby o digest it well. Starting with too much fiber too soon will be a problem (like oat meal or similar).

Baby Nutrition Guide
Mother's Milk Vs Cow's Milk

After careful analysis mother's milk isn't that super full of nutrition and protein as we have been led to believe. Cow's milk on the other hand does contain a lot of protein. But it's not designed for human babies, so human babies don't need a high protein diet!


Breast milk is also significantly higher in carbohydrates than cow's milk. Maybe there is a reason for that? Maybe the way human breast milk is designed gives us a clue of how all of us are supposed to eat - even as adults? High carb and low fat.

And babies probably don't benefit from eating too many vitamin enriched foods either. Instead keep it simple for their small bodies to understand and assimilate. 

It's best for the baby's digestive system and absorption ability to only eat a little at a time and not something that's packed with ingredients, like most formulas. And then they also add a lot to the formulas that isn't good at all, confusing ingredients that actually can trigger food sensitivities. 

Baby Nutrition Guide

How about peaches or figs at one meal and apples later on, or a mix of two of them if you would like to change it up. Bananas are also perfect for the little ones and especially those that have a few brown spots on the peels, and if it's your baby's first few weeks of having solid food, buy everything you feed him or her organic.

Here you can find information on how much of each vitamin you child should get per day, if tat is something that interests you.

Honest information about healthy nutrition for kids is hard to come by. There is often something behind what people are trying to make you believe. Selling a product, misinformation or simply fear. Some people are afraid of recommending something that isn't the 'standard'.

So many nutritionists still recommend the milk, meat and bread diet. With vegetables of course. But if you want to grow a healthy human that is just not the way to go anymore. That's why I started this website. To show you another side of nutrition, a super healthy side that can be fun too! Out of healthy ingredients we can make fun and yummy dishes - easy!

So, I guess all I want to say is that please know I have your back. I am on your side and want the best for your family. Hugs!

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