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Interested in brain food for kids? Me too! With all the devices our kids use day in and day out, attention spans are getting shorter.. so eating in a way that is especially good for this delicate part of the body is vital.

What we know is that the brain needs good quality nutrients. Not sugar, not hydrogenated fats, not food colorings.

But what else is good to know? There must be more...

Yes, there is! Let's explore some brain food for kids...

First of all, the brain needs us to drink enough water!

Without that, we can't think clearly.

Being tired often or having a headache can be a sign that your child needs to drink more water.

After that there are a few foods that stand out when it comes to brain health:

Spinach is important because of it's zinc content.

The same goes with pumpkin seeds and pine nuts!

Celery is packed with for example calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. It is also has protective properties that are important for our brain.

Rosemary is good for the memory, so at least a couple of times a week you could add some fresh rosemary to the meals you make at home.

Walnuts are full of very healthy fats that the brain needs.

Always keep some at home, somewhere where you kids can find them.

When I was little, my sister and I used to eat fresh walnuts that had fallen from the big trees behind our school in Vienna, they tasted so good.

We jumped on them so they would open :)

Blueberries are also great, especially for concentration!

There is a blueberry soup I make that you could start making for your kids also?

It is super easy.

Also don't forget about the spices cumin and cinnamon!

They stimulate our brain's cells and help repair broken DNA in the brain.

Nutrition for Kids

The brain uses a lot of the vitamins, minerals, water and especially a big part of the fat that our kids eat.

It needs it to function properly, to make new cells and to grow!

Adults need to eat brain foods too, but we don't have to think about it too much, because what's good for our body is also good for our brain.

Unless we feel a memory problem creeping on after a period of too much stress, then we need to focus on specific foods and nutrient to fix it, and we also need to slow down our lifestyle, because stress causes memory and concentration problems - and a lot more.

The way we deal with stress is something that is passed down from generation to generation, and some doctors now say that this can be a reason why some children get the same health issues as their parents when they grow up, even if they are adopted and don't have the same genes.

While talking about brain food for kids,

here is something for parents:

Please remember to lead a healthy lifestyle by getting enough exercise and getting enough fresh air every day. Eat healthy and don't smoke.

According to the Harvard Medical School getting enough sleep should also have been on the list.

To improve sleep quality, the first thing you and your kids could do each morning is to go outside for a few minutes. Run around the house or similar. This has been proven to be great for a good nights sleep, to get out in daylight as soon as you wake up. 

Exercise is important. Studies have also shown that all children benefit from an active lifestyle (even those who don't have a weight problem) - they'll do better in school as a result, because their memory center in the brain grows during exercise.

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