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If you have any child health questions you would like answers to, go ahead and send them in here on this page. I will answer them from the point of view of a holistic health coach, but depending on the question I can also consult medical doctor Ahmed Ali who has worked with me on the content of this website.

Teen and baby health questions are also most welcome.

Baby and Child Health Questions

And of course questions on nutrition and diet, not only health issues.

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Do you have a question or something to share? Also if you want, go ahead and tell us a little about you and your family. We all want to get to know each other on this site!

I often get asked about stomach issues, food allergies in kids, vitamins, healthy cooking for kids, about the importance of nutrition for kids and even about what moms should eat.

Also, here is something one mother to a 7 year old asked me:

Q: "What can I tell my parents when they ask why I don't want them to give my son sweets and cookies? He is very skinny so their argument is that he doesn't run the risk of becoming fat. And they also say, "you too ate a lot of candy as a kid and look how well you turned out".

A: I know its hard when people around us don't share the same views on feeding our kids as we do. But you are the parent so this time you will have to be a little strict with them, even if they are your own parents!

I think the easiest answer others often understand is that cookies and candy is so bad for children's teeth. But if you want you could of course also say that you don't want him to get used to eating sweet snacks, and hope that they will respect this.

Thanks for contributing to this Child Health Questions page. I really appreciate it. It's great when this Nutrition for Kids website can be a little more interactive. Lots of love to you!

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