Importance of Nutrition for Kids

The importance of nutrition for kids? As you can probably imagine, as a family health coach, I will say that it is very important!

But why?

Well, from birth until the last breaths we take, our body depends primarily on one thing – food.

Nutrition (or eating) is simply the process of providing the raw materials we need to our body. And this process is necessary in order to make life possible.

But apart from helping your children stay alive and relieving them of hunger, there is of course much more to the importance of nutrition for kids.

When eating well, your kids will be happier, calmer and better able to handle the ups and downs in life. Doesn't that sound good?

The benefits of eating healthy at all ages are endless! But when you are young there are some special ones. For example, did you know that young girls who eat a lot of fruit get a better protection against certain cancers than other who don't eat that well (

Without good nutrition our children wouldn't have the energy they need.

All of us need energy. We need it in the morning when we wake up and we need it for every single move we make throughout the day. It gives us the ability to function normally and it is produced in our body only after the body is fed with food.

The main form of energy in the human body is carbohydrates.

The only carbohydrate source available in this world is the food we eat.

Something to think about is that a healthy carb source like sweet potatoes, fruit or whole grain rice will give a steady level of constant energy while the unhealthy ones like sugar or processed juice will only mess with your children's energy levels, making them tired soon again.

The benefits of a healthy diet are definitely many. Healthy foods like greens, beets, vegetables, herbs and fruits will even protect your kids from getting sick.

More about the importance of nutrition for kids...

Your child also needs raw materials like protein and healthy fats

so their body is able to take care of his nervous system, bones, muscles and all the organs. And also to repair anything that needs to be repaired.

Do you know that nuts like brazil nuts or almonds (or any kind of nut for that matter) contain both a good amount of protein AND healthy fats?

Sounds like something you should get your kids to eat once in a while.

I just now a few minutes ago put some on a plate on the table next to where my son is sitting playing his Nintendo, and sure enough he has started eating them without thinking too much about it :)

There are many other substances present in the food your children eat that are responsible for their body's health.

Antioxidants for example, found in colorful food like apples, grapes, tomatoes, blueberries, cherries, strawberries and papaya. They protect our organs from disease.

Something to also keep in mind is that there should always be a balanced ratio between the different nutrients we consume. Because of this it is highly recommended you make sure your child eats a healthy diet. This would include lots of fruits and vegetables.

Lots of love, Health Coach Antonia


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