Nutrition Activities for Kids

Okay, so you want to find fun nutrition activities for kids to do at home or at school?

Out of many possibilities, here are a few:

1. Let each child find a dish that is made out of healthy ingredients. Older kiddos can search online and younger ones can point on out in a cook book you have at home. Then, help them prepare it. It could be as easy as a fruit salad if the child isn't that used to being in the kitchen yet. 

2. You can have your child or the students pick a food and research the nutrition facts of that food and make a small presentation to the class or to the rest of the family on why that food is worth eating!

3. You can give each child a few fruits and tell them to make some fruit art out of them! I am sure the results will be cool!

avocado art activity

When I was in college I once made a huge art project out of oranges. I loved working on it, but unfortunately it took two weeks before it was my turn to show it to the teacher.

And by then the oranges had started to get moldy.. on top of that the teacher thought mine looked similar to a classmate's project and said I must have gotten "inspired" by hers.

Which didn't feel fair because it wasn't true :(

But what do you say to something like that as a student? Or at least the kind of student I was at the time... you try to be polite and nice no matter what - just keeping your mouth shut and smiling. I'm not saying that is a good way to deal with a situation like that, there is a much better way and I do teach my son to speak up for himself.

4. You could show your children some short documentary about food and where it comes from, or one on why it is important to eat well for both us and the planet.

nutrition activity

5. Or you can let them tell you what food they think is nutritious and then make it out of play dough, while you read a book for them about nutrition for their age group.

6. You can also decide on one letter of the alphabet and have each kid come up with a vegetable that has a name that starts with that letter. The first person who can't come up with another veggie is out :)

Here are some more nutrition activities for kids worth trying out!

Why not have them draw their favorite healthy food (and at the same time talk about what is healthy and what isn't) or how about have them draw themselves eating it?

Another idea would be to have them search for large fruits in the store and the one who finds the largest wins.

I am sure you can come up with other cool nutrition activities for kids.

And when you do, please share below! We all want to know so we can do more fun and educational stuff with our kiddos.

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