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Parenting Picky Eater - Children who have Sensitive Taste Buds

When dealing with picky eaters, young ones who are very selective when it comes to what they put in their mouth, the key is to have a positive attitude and to stay calm with no attachment to the outcome :)

Sounds difficult?

Well, hopefully you'll get some inspiration by reading this article.

Some children are so picky when it comes to food that there are only a few dishes they will actually eat.

My friend's friend is 10 years old and he will only eat are pizzas and hamburgers for dinner.

And he only drinks orange juice, never anything else - except water I assume.

In extreme cases like that, some big changes needs to take place. And it won't be easy. The whole family should start doing something about what they eat.

And maybe even seek some professional help.

But thankfully most of the time it's not so bad, but it is annoying, right? You wonder when its going to get better.

You spend time making food every day but your child doesn't like it. She complains. You feel disappointed. She acts up and refuses to eat. It happens, right?

But what do we do about picky eaters?

Sometimes you need to start doing something about what the whole family eats.

Make sure you don't see it as failing when you don't get her to eat. Getting upset will only make things much worse and meal times will become something unpleasant... and that will make her picky habits worse.

The solution here is to let her be.


Yes. Just don't give her picky habits so much attention anymore. What's that? I don't like it!  Okay. I'm not hungry!  Okay.

Your child will have to have some food sooner or later anyway, right?

I do understand that it might be inconvenient for you to have a hungry child in the house when everyone has already eaten, but it seriously is important to try to keep a relaxed attitude about it. And not to make her feel guilty when she finally says she is hungry.

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It is good to keep in mind that food is supposed to be something positive, something that gives us energy. Not something to have a power struggle over.

With all kinds of eating disorders becoming more and more common in older children these days, this is an important thing to start to think about now when you can still do something about it.

She had no dinner and now she is hungry...

No worries. Together you can make a healthy snack that is filling enough.

Or, what you could do is, have a selection of healthy food, like lots of different types of vegetables and fruits and she can choose which one you should use to make a snack for her. Then at least you know she has had something healthy that day.

And besides, when the mood has been lifted at the dinner table and the pressure is off, it won't take very long before your child will start eating at least a little bit more during meal times again.

Me with one of the kids in a family of five that I've helped.

No bribing or punishing - just let her be and let take her time.

Another idea would be to not keep a lot of sweet things and unhealthy food at home.

Then they won't have too much other food to fill up on.

You would probably be surprised at how much junk some people keep in their homes.

I've visited so many homes when working as a family worker, and I've seen kitchen cabinets full of stuff...

bags of candy, chocolate boxes, all kinds of junk cereals, candy, cake, muffins, juice boxes, crackers, lots of cookies (this is a popular one), canned soups...

Fun Tableware

Another little tip would be make the dinner table look really nice, buy some flowers, candles or nice table decorations.

You could also find some fun tableware from somewhere. That might make coming to sit down at the table a bit more fun!
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