Healthy Vegetarian Meals for Kids

Having a hard time coming up with some healthy vegetarian meals for kids?

It of course depends a little on the age of your children, but here are a few meals or dishes that children usually like:

- risotto with mushrooms and lemon (use organic rice)

- tacos with home made tomato sauce and beans

- rice noodles or glass noodles with vegetable stock and veggies

- sauteed mushrooms with potatoes (find a recipe here)

- pesto pasta (you will find vegan pesto in health food stores)

- sweet potato soup, broccoli soup and all kinds of vegetable soups

- couscous with some yummy sauce

- chili sin carne

- lettuce wraps

- gaspacho

- veg sushi

Side dishes could be vegetables or something like grated carrots with lemon and raisins.

Also, if you are a little creative you can take almost any recipe and remove the meat and add something else instead.

Here two girls are having fun making their favorite dish:

Good subs for meat are beans, chickpeas, lentils, cauliflower, mushrooms or tofu. I'm not such a huge fan of tofu myself but many people love it.

But really, no worries! You can make anything from Italian food to Vietnamese food and no meat will be needed. I always cook vegetarian and actually even vegan.

Vegetarian Food for Kids – Amazing Recipes

On this Nutrition for Kids website you will find ONLY vegetarian recipes. As a matter of fact, all recipes are both vegetarian and vegan (and even gluten free).

Go ahead and look through all the healthy vegetarian meals for kids I have for you here on this site. You can also sign up to get some recipes straight to your email. More about that later.

Some parents ask, but is a vegetarian diet healthier? Well, not eating any meat is much easier on the digestive system and definitely good for most of us.

And eating more vegetables as a result of starting to eat this way, is def good for the whole body.

Also, this was quite interesting: one major study shows that not eating meat is better for the colon than a diet that includes meat.

So your kids most probably won't have to worry about for example colon cancer when they grow up. Eating this way also seems to be better for the heart!

Healthy Food for Vegetarians - Mushrooms

Often those who grew up as vegetarians make healthier choices in other parts of life too, which adds to good health. Like not smoking for example. But this depends of course. We sure all hope our kids will be wise when it comes to stuff like smoking and alcohol.

So far it looks good with my son, he is 15 and shows no interest in experimenting with those things yet. Hope it will stay that way.

More Healthy Vegetarian Meals for Kids

Kids love spaghetti and pasta, right? So a traditional tomato sauce with for example some added black lentils would make a very nutritious meal.

Another traditional easy meal without meat that most children like would be a vegetable curry and potatoes. If you want to add something cream-like to the curry, just add coconut cream or a little rice milk.

Broccoli in the oven with salt and coconut oil tastes good too!

A little girl that I babysit sometimes doesn't have a favorite meal, in fact she doesn't like eating almost anything right now. She is almost 2 years old and today as I was taking care of her for a few hours she suddenly started smelling so I changed her diaper, and at the same time I thought to myself... 'she must be eating something, otherwise this wouldn't happen' haha

But her mom says small amounts of cereal, grapes, watermelon, chocolate and plant based yogurt is all she actually puts in her mouth or lets someone feed her. I have also been lucky enough to get her to eat some traditional Finnish rice pasty (most kids love that here in Finland). But warm food - nah. That's nothing for her lol

What's your child's favorite meal?

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