Plant based vegan Diet Made Easy - I'll Help You Go Vegan!

A vegan diet and a plant-based diet both focus on animal-product-free eating. Let's learn how to make this our lifestyle, cook easy vegan meals and thrive on this diet - long-term!

Are you a beginner when it comes to eating this way? Or have you done so for some time already, but maybe you need some inspiration or you want to start eating even more healthy?

Wherever you are right now, I'm delighted to help you on your vegan or plant-based journey.

Is a plant-based diet vegan? There are some minor differences, but nothing really to worry about. A vegan always eats 100% plants, and so should someone who calls themselves plant-based, at least most of the time. That is why I often use the terms interchangeably.

Eating this way is nothing new, in many parts of the world, especially in Asia, people have always avoided meat and dairy. Pytagoras, the mathematitian, started a vegan movement a long time ago where the participants were not supposed to eat animals or harm them in any way, Buddha ate this way, and many other important people in history.

How to go plant based?

One question I've heard quite a number of times: "How do I become vegan? Isn't it hard?". And to that, I like to say, "Not really, but you do need a bit of planning, knowledge, and most of all, determination". Knowing that this will be the best change you can make for yourself is good to keep in mind.

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Going vegan and/or eating a plant-based diet has helped so many people start to eat better and stay healthier. As long as your diet is still based on vegetables and you include a lot of greens and fruits you are good to go! After going through some of the information on this website, you will feel more confident in your daily food choices.

This website, was founded by myself with the help of a few other nutrition professionals. At the time when we started it, which was many years ago, we mainly wrote about how eating habits and good lifestyle choices are important when wanting to live a long life of high quality.

Nowadays, in 2024, topics mainly revolve around plant-based eating, because this subject is very important right now and will be going forward.

I'm Antonia Nyberg, certified health coach

I specializing in plant-based nutrition. I help people who want to know how to safely go vegan. I also work with mothers wanting their families to switch over to a plant-based lifestyle.

People also come to me with health issues. I am not a doctor but a holistic health coach, so all I can do is guide them through a detox or healthy vegan diet program, until we see that their body is definitely heading towards the right direction.

This is what one client of mine said in his last email to me:

"I am all in - the sooner the better! You and I are going to have a great adventure!

Thank you so much for being there Antonia!"

- Marc Humphries, Detroit, Michigan

How I eat? Occasionally I take a few raw food days or do some cleansing or detoxing, but most of the time it is just clean whole plant foods on my menu. Fruit in the morning, nuts and seeds, nut butters, nut milk, vegetables, salads and some grains later on in the day.

And I can tell you that being vegan is definitely something that has helped me do well in life, stay young and happy throughout the years - plus even become pregnant naturally at the age of 44. While becoming pregnant without fertility treatment at that age is not so common, it is a result of my healthy habits and mainly my way of eating - as I don't do an excessive amount of sports.

So yes, I would say that after 15 years of eating this way, it really works and is worth it. Even if you are only starting now, do it! Because the physical changes come fast. And it is better for the planet and the animals. So what are you waiting for?

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Vegan Cleanse Diet

Those of us who have done cleanses several times, or do it regularly, know there is a great need to detox. We wish that everybody would do one, at least a few days, because we know how much it has helped us and we want the same for others.

I have a 2 week cleane program for you on this site as well as aa effective 3-month program, Thrive, is all about the plant based diet, for beginners. What to buy, what and how to cook, how to plan your meals, and, of course, how to thrive on this amazing journey.

On this site, you can find my online programs, all of which are 100% vegan. In addition to Thrive and the cleanse, a 30-day vegan program, a 14-day raw vegan diet program, and lots of information related to eating well and cruelty-free.

I give advice on how to eat in a balanced way, how to get all the nutrients your body needs, how to make the transition as painless as possible.

the easiest way to go vegan?

Let's dive in to some common topics that are often concerns when making big diet changes. 

What is the easiest way to go vegan?

It would problebly be to do it gradually. Another option would be to take a short cleanse program first and then start.

Why should you do this, what are some plant based diet benefits?

Benefits for you would be greater health and mental clarity as well as a feeling of lightness that only those who have lived like this for years can relate to.

good toast for clean eating

There is a study made on adult twins (The Twin Study, You Are What You Eat by Stanford University), where one twin switched to a plant-based vegan diet, and it showed that the twin who did this changed physically in many positive ways in just two months.

How to go plant based on a budget?

This is tricky becuase you should ideally be buying lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and organic grains and nuts. But just do the best you can. If that is buying everything in your nearest discount store, then do it. 

Raw Vegan Diet And Whole FOODS 

What is raw? What is whole foods?

A raw food diet would be one that doesn't include cooked foods; a whole foods diet doesn't include any processed foods. It depends on how strict you want to be when it comes to things like this. Technically you should not be using any oils on a whole foods diet, because they are processed, but hey, don't they say virgin olive oil is healthy, and it is used by people who live very long?

What kind of vegan diet is the best for me?

A raw food diet is for sure a very healthy choice but isn't for everyone. Being vegan or even just eating mainly plant-based is so great too. I would say, make your own choices. The most important is that you stick to eating balanced and healthy. Don't be too hard on yourself when it comes to labeling exactly what or how you eat - the most important thing is that you always choose good options and don't buy any junk. I’m proud of you for wanting to eat healthy! It really is a wise choice.

How is a plant based or vegan diet healthier than other ways of eating?

A big part of feeling well comes from eating well. We are definitely affected by what we put into our bodies. That is why we need to make good choises when it comes to this part of our lives. 

Leaving out meat and replacing it with vegetables, legumes and salads sure is healthier than for example making a habit of having steak, bacon, sausage and even chicken.

But do make sure you also think about the fact that you need to take out greasy fast food meals, even though they might not contain any meat. They are still are probably not good for you, with bad fats, especially the gallbladder suffers when you eat a lot of fatty processed meals.

Vegan Diet for Kids

I believe that taking good care of our children and feeding them well is the most important factor in making sure that this world will be going into the right direction. We also have to take good care of ourselves, so we are able to be great parents.

I give advice on raising vegan kids, as I raised one myself. He is now 22 years old and doing great. I am going through a vegan pregnancy at the moment. I'm expecting a lovely baby girl, so I have also studied up on the best vegan diet for pregnancy.

On this site you will find recipes for your family and I also run a culinary program, where you learn how to cook and prepare meals using healthy ingredients.

I really hope everything you find here will be helpful to you.

Please join me in the quest to make this world a better place by starting

to live an amazing life and being an example to others!


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