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My name is Antonia Nyberg. I’m a certified holistic health coach and vegan nutrition coach. I run programs for people who want to become plant-based and also other programs for those who want to detox their bodies. I used to work at a luxury juice cleanse retreat and learned so much there. At the moment I coach private clients but I also do something else that I am passionate abou, Im director of marketing for a few amazing sustainable energy projects.

This webiste is put together with my collegues who are also in field of nutrition. We are very passionate about vegan and plant-based eating for health and longevity as well as for the wellbeing of everyone and for the future of this planet. 

I have been working with individuals and with families for over 15 years now and know the struggles of people wanting to become vegan inside and out. I also have a lot of experience with helping parents / families transitioning to eating healthy.

I have a wonderful son who has been the inspiration for most of the things I do in life. Without him I don't know where I would be today. He is everything to me. At the moment I am also expecting a new little life, a baby girl, so a new chapter of my life is unfolding and a lot more inspiration is on its way.


The Team

Some of the material on this website has been written in collaboration with a friend of mine who is a medical doctor (pediatrician). He has worked in several hospitals and now owns his own practice.

Clinical nutritionist Paula who is also a personal trainer and Dr. Colelli, Registered Nutritionist in the UK, are helping especially with the meal plans. We also have an ireologist and herbalist available to help support you, if you choose one of the programs that come with that service.

If you are interested yourself to study to become a certified holistic health coach, I can send you more information about the school I went to including a discount. Contact me about that here. And after the one year program, you can contact me again, because we might at that time need more coaches for our team here at antonianyberg.com.

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