Vegan Cleanse Diet

A vegan cleanse diet is good to do at least once a year, or as the best start to a totally new lifestyle!

Ok, this is really so exciting! When the plan is done, which I hope will be very soon, then you will be able to sign up and you will get it to you by email. It will be super easy to just follow it and you won't have to do anything else to detox and you will feel great.
And don't worry, you will NOT be starving when following this plan. The recipes are mouthwatering and there will also be recipes for easy desserts that are so good for you! Imagine being able to eat something that's so good and not having to feel guilty for eating a lot of it.

A new meal plan every week can help you with learning how to make easy vegan meals and snacks for yourself that help detox your body. Getting the information as emails will remind you to keep going and to stay strong.

A Vegan Cleanse Diet Can Do Wonders

Vegan Cleanse Diet Blender

Oh yes it can. When I have done my detoxes and cleanses, amazing things have happened. And I have seen a lot also at the detox retreat where I used to work at.

What is the best detox diet for me? All cleanses are different and so are the people doing them. So to tell you what the best cleanse would be in your situation, it would be best if you could let me know about you, your health history and the reasons you are here reading this right now. I can help with fruit, liquid, vegan cleanse, liver detox, fertility, weight loss, thyroid, skin, IBS, colon cleanse questions and any other questions you have in mind. If I would have to pick one that's my favorite cleanse, I would probably pick the fruit detox diet. Only works for those who likes fruit!

I met a stranger during the holidays and she asked what I do and I told her about the vegan cleanse diet program I am putting together. She was very interested and is going to be the first one who will sign up for this detox when it is ready. She told me a secret, that it has gone so far that she is now ashamed of how much she eats, and she often eats all kinds of sweets quickly in the kitchen when her husband can't see her. It is sad that it has to be like that. Once she starts following this program, things will start to look so different for her. If she stays vegan for life - even better.

Did you know I used to work at a detox retreat? It was a good experience and I learned a lot. At the same time, it was challenging too. When I look at my diary where I used to write about my day, I remember everything like yesterday even though it is a few years ago by now, 

From The Diary When Working at A Luxury Wellness Retreat:

Malta Detox Center Desk

For today I'm done with my workday at the detox center.

The picture is of my desk at work where I sit every day and welcome detox clients into the retreat.

This day was a long one! So busy and unusually demanding clients, and staff as well! I had so much to do, the bosses were asking me to send them things and at the same time members of staff came in and out of the room asking can you do this, can you do that? And I didn't get my lunch break until 3.30 pm.. By that time I was quite tired.

We also have this one client at the moment, a very special one, an elegant lady in her 60s.
It is apparent that she is used to getting what she wants and exactly when she wants it.
Our colonic hydro therapist told me today that this lady is full of parasites (!), but she is scared to tell her because the lady might not take the news well. I said it's something she will need to be notified of, even if it will be hard to deliver the news.

This client has brought with her a young man to the retreat. He seems nice and respectful but also a very typical young man, smells of cigarette smoke and he doesn't seem to enjoy being on a vegan cleanse diet. Earlier today he said he would like to see if there is a possibility that he could leave tomorrow because he is hungry! When the lady found out he had asked, she talked him into staying.
This evening when I finally left work (after having worked an hour of overtime), I saw him walking towards me, close to the bus stop outside the reception - barefoot (I was hoping he doesn't step on something sharp). I guess he is enjoying himself in some way at least - relaxing a bit. I bet where they live, in Dubai, he isn't able to walk barefoot so he takes the opportunity to do that here.

What is a detox diet? 

A detox diet or vegan cleanse diet is a shorter plan on what to eat or what to drink, can be 3 days, 7 days, 10 day or 30 days, that can lead to a better way of eating in the long-run, often associated with trying to reach a goal. 

For example something as broad as just wanting to clean your body from the inside and stop feeling so sluggish and tired. Or something more specific like losing 10 pounds or improving your skin condition or healing your gut or getting your gallbladder to work again.

It can be a whole food plant based diet or a liquid diet. So you could be having meals on this plan but it could also be a juice cleanse. It depends what you are looking for and what you are ready for.

Is a vegan Cleans Diet Healthy?

juice cleanse detox

This kinds of cleanse or detox diet can be a very welcome small 'holiday' for your body. It gives your body a chance to rest and heal and at the same time you add a lot of amazing nutrition into it by drinking amazing juices and smoothies. So yes it is healthy. How to eat after your detox, or how to eatin  a clean and cleansing way in the long term? It shouldn't be that hard. I have a program that helps you with that, but overall, plant-based is often the best and easiest for the heart and digestive tract and keeps your body alkaline.


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