Vegan Plant Based Diet Programs

A vegan plant based diet is one of the best ways to eat. We are lucky that there is so much information out there for us today, to be able to switch to this way of eating quite easily. 

If you need any help doing this however, feel free to get in touch and we can make a plan for you or check out my programs, here.

vegan plant dinner tofu

When I started, more than seventeen years ago, there was really not that much help out there, so I just had to used my common sense and battled through my cravings alone. The first two years I had some set-backs, but hen one day, about 15 years ago now, I said "no more going back and forth, this is it! This is the way I want to eat and the lifestyle I want". It did help that I had a strong interest in nutrition and later even started studying nutrition.

When you know what is happening to your body when you eat something specific, you only want to eat it. For example, did you know that tomatoes builds stem cells? Or that pomegranate helps build healthy gut bacteria?

A plant based vgean diet is gentle to the digestive system and beneficial for all the cells and organs in our body. And if you try to cook at home a lot and buy organic as often as possible, you also eliminate a lot of toxins that you would have ingested on a regular diet.

Usually after a while of going vegan or plant-based, where you have been focusing on whole foods and the best plant-based foods out there and no junk, you can see some positive changes, like mental clarity, lower blood pressure, a better functioning gut and balanced hormones. Even athletes do well eating this way. There isnt so much heavy food for the body to digest, so the extra energy is very welcome when it comes to people who do sports professionally.

is plant based diet vegan

Not always. Some people who eats salads, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains and probably call themselves plant-based eaters, are just eating like that most of the time. Or the majority of the day. One example of a person who eats that way is Djokovic, the famous tennis player. He eats a very helthy diet, focused on plants, but still does not call homself vegan because he may sometimes have something that isn't. All my plant-based programs on this site however are compleatley vegan. 

Amazing Vegan plant based diet programs that will rock your world!

amazing programs

On this site you can find programs and courses to fall in love with. 

Some programs are whole foods based where you basically just eat very clean and healthy for a set amount of time (and hopefully keep doing it after too).

Others are cleanses where you are supposed to eat very light, mostly liquids, like a juice cleanse or detox. 

two week plant based diet

Short program for those who wants to try out how it is to be plant-based.

plant based whole foods diet 

Thid is s longer program for thos who wants a lifestyle chamge along with new eating habits.

vegan candida diet

Candida is such an annoying this, out bodies need a little bit of it but when it starts to overgrow, that is when we get problems. I have struggled with this expecially during my pregnancy, a lot of itching. A candida diet, although I had to modify it for pregnancy, helped me a lot. Along with creams and other treatments. A specific way of eating will keep it from not coming back. 

vegan diet and hormones

Balanced hormones is something that helps us stay mentally healthy and physocally as well. For women this is especially important. Not only during the fertile years but beyond that as well. Eating lighter and being vegan can give your body the space to fix imbalances like hormonal issues. 

Different types of vegan diets

There are def many types of vegan diets out there. Raw food, high carb, low carb, high protein, clean and healthy, whole foods and so on. Everyone will choose the one that fits their personal goals. I like the three I talk about below. 

Healthy Vegan Plant based diet and raw food!
The Amazing Three

antonia nutrition coach

I love the vegan diet, plant-based and raw food diet. Done right, all of them are amazing and can be so good for you! I am 100% vegan and at times I also love taking a break from cooked foods and I go high raw for a while.

I have experience with detoxing and fasting and used to work at a luxury detox retreat. I can help you go vegan, raw or switch from a SAD to a plant-based diet that fits your body and lifestyle.

The benefits of a vegan diet? Or a vegan plant based diet? Eating this way will give you so much energy and really helps you glow and shine and if you eat a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables and berries, it will even be anti-ageing!

Thriving on the vegan diet can be easier than someone might think. 

vegan diet for athletes

Many preofessional athletes these day prefer to eat plant-based or vegan. They have realized through experience that they feel better eating this way and their endurance has increased as well. It is also very possible to build muscle on a non-meat diet, it was only in the past that we thought it wasn't. One example of high-level athletes who are plant-based are the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena. Korin Sutton is a master fitness trainer and boybuilder who is 100% vegan. Here are some more vegam athletes, if interested.

low glycemic vegan diet

When trying to keep your sugar levels down, it important to focus on low glycemic foods. Like with any other diet, it is totally possible to eat a low glycemic vegan diet. I understand the need to keep your blood sugars in check, not only for health reasons but also for longevity. Having the blood sugar jump up and down throughout the day is not recommended at all. 

best plant based diet foods

food vegan

The best foods to focus on when being vegan or eating plant-based, would be clean, whole foods. The picture above is from when I was cooking the other day. I prefer to use fresh ingredients that are minimally processed. They are really the best foods for your body and brain out there. After that comes frozen vegetables and then canned. I have a whole foods plant based program that you can check out. There you will find a recipes, grocery lists and a meal plan.


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