vegan lunch ideas for kids

Hi! Some good vegan lunch ideas for kids would be something that is not too time-consuming for you, and still very nutritions and tasty for them. Are you making this lunch for them to eat at home or for school? 

School lunches could be a tofu sandwich or  peanut butter sandwiches with an apple. Or some falafel balls with carrot sticks. A banana is always easy eat outside of the home also, so you could give them one to take to school. At home you can make slightly more complicated meals, something that includes salad for example. 

Veggie-stuffed Pita

I like this healthy lunch for kids - why not try making this for lunch today?

I found some all natural pita bread that doesn't contain any preservatives or raising agents or other chemicals. Check if you also have some in the stroes around you. And I've made meals for my son with them and every time he likes it.

vegan luch ideas for kidsPita Bread with Broccoli and Veggie Stuffing

Stuff the pita bread with vegetables that you know your children like. Do they like cauliflower and carrots? That makes a good easy to make stuffing. For yesterday's lunch I made this one, and the veggie stuffing I used this time was broccoli, tomato, potatoes, onion, ginger and it turned out really well!

One ingredient I didn't use but could have used, is mushrooms.. could actually fit really well.

Anyhow, here I share the recipe with you:

You can absolutely leave something out or replace it with something else - I do know soy is a crappy bean, but I still use it (only organic) in some recipes for my son, because he is used to having it in some Asian style meals. 

Also, if you don't know what nutritional yeast is and don't feel like taking a trip to a health food store, go ahead and skip that one. For vegan kids it could be useful to sometimes include it in meals because it is full of B vitamins and also that famous B12 that we dont always get enough of.

Apple cider vinegar can be exchanged for regular vinegar, 


1. Finely chop the onion and garlic and ginger - but hey, if you think these flavors will be too strong for your child - just skip them, it's totally fine! You can make another batch for yourself where you include the good stuff! Don't you also just love garlic? I know I do.

Alright, let's continue...

2. Chop the tomatoes, set aside.

3. Cut the broccoli, carrots and potatoes into quite small pieces. Put some water and salt into a pot and place the potato pieces in the water and let it boil for 5 min, then add the carrot and broccoli pieces to the water. Let it all boil until the potatoes are soft.

4. Add the coconut oil to a pan and let it melt. Add the onions, pepper and salt to the pan and fry over low heat (sautee) for a few minutes. Now add the garlic, ginger, the herbs (thyme and parsley) and the tomatoes. Keep sauteeing everything a few more minutes. Add the cooked potatoes, carrots and broccoli to the pan. Also add the nut milk. Stir and then turn the heat off.

5. Toast the pita breads in your toaster.

6. While the breads are in the toaster, add the tamari or soy sauce, the sweetener, the apple cider vinegar and the yeast to the mixture. Stir.

7. Now fill the toasted pita breads with the stuffing. If there is stuffing left, that can be a side dish, my son ate the leftover stuffing with a spoon and really enjoyed it.

I hope this healthy lunch for kids will also be a hit in your house!

And oh! I served some mint tea with this - you could do the same. Take care and have fun cooking!

If you have any great vegan lunch ideas for kids that you would like to share with everyone reading this, we all would be very happy!


Leave a comment or question for me here :)

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Bad fooD for kids

When speaking about good meal ideas, there might also be a reason to mention some bad ones, to make sure we are one the same page. Kids on the vegan diet have to watch out for bad foods like any other child. 

Children's bodies are not very different from our own - just a smaller version. 

Do you feel bloated after having had certain 'bad' foods?

I certainly do.. the worst one for me are corn chips, tacos and popcorn. 

When my older sister was a toddler she used to react to these foods also. For example, once after having a lot of popcorn her stomach hurt so much. I only started having problems with tacos etc. as an adult but it still doesn't mean it was healthy for me to eat food like that when I was little. 

There is this little baby I know that everyone thinks has acid reflux, but it turns out, since he is still breast-fed, he is reacting to the food the mother is eating. So even babies can react to food that aren't the best. Like fried food or dairy or similar. 

What a bad food is or isn't really depends on if your child seems to react to anything. If they don't, you are lucky and then I would say to just please avoid junk food, including fries, chips, most commercial food, and candy.

Feeding your kids junk is just not a very good idea. Yes it is cheap, but it's full of chemicals that can, for example, mess up their hormone balance and later lead to serious problems.

Eating 'bad food' also makes it less easy for our children to concentrate, and that is a very common problem these days - often caused by the food we eat.

There are kids eating junk food everywhere you look, right? On the buses, outside schools, on the playground... You don't want your child to be one them.

Hope you found some good vegan lunch ideas for Kids here, have a great day!

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