Super Healthy Nutrition for Kids

Healthy Nutrition for Kids - when it comes to food and children, what really is healthy?

How a the diet of a child should look like - or any human being's diet at any age, isn't very complicated to understand. Contrary to what we have often been led to believe.

If you eat enough fresh produce every day, there is no need to worry too much about how much protein, how many carbs, how much calcium..

Because in reality, whatever really makes us feel alive and well keeps us healthy.

And one of the foods that does exactly this is a food group that all your organs and muscles and glands love!

Have you guessed what it is already? It's fruit!

Very Healthy Nutrition for Kids

How we should be eating

If you have read any of the other pages on this site or if you follow me on Facebook, you must be tired of hearing me saying this by now.

But to be honest, this is what is really needed these days.

Getting back to a simple diet.

Add to that some beneficial fresh herbs (parsley, dandelion..) and now we are talking!

This point of view might sound radical to you, but it is what it is. Nothing comes as close to being a super healthy diet than one that looks like this.

Fruit has so much nutrition in it and the most important thing is that it is easy for our body to use that nutrition! hat's not always the case.

Include In Your Child's Diet

Look at bread products that sticks to the wall of your gut or beans that are hard to digest.. or packaged food with a lot of ingredients in it.

The body just doesn't know what to do with all of that.

The goodness of fruit is easily broken down and taken up by the body because fruit is so easy for the body to handle. Other foods, not so much. Not even vegetables.

Compare cauliflower to a mango. Which one do you think your body can handle a little better? There you go.

So it pays off to feed your children fruit! And then some more ;)

I had this amazing fruit meal every morning when I was in Rwanda a few months ago.

That is fresh juice in those glasses! So good.

Me and my son are flying over there again in a few weeks and guess who will be eating so much goodness!

I will basically be living on it! I think my son will too.

They have the most amazing papayas. And the avocados are the creamiest I ever tasted.

There is no need to be afraid of the sugar, because I know that will be your next question.

You know, this is such a fear-based society we live in and there are all kinds of nutrition myths out there.

If you want to know how fruit affects your child's blood sugar, check the levels directly after eating bananas or oranges or anything else, and then again one hour later. You will see that there isn't a huge spike in the sugar levels at all.

And also... why are you so concerned about how much sugar there is in fruit and you don't seem to care when it comes to commercial juice or cookies? Whole grain and organic? Sorry, that doesn't make them much healthier.

colorful and healthy

Healthy Nutrition for Kids - Get Past the Fear

I would say, just go with your gut feeling of what truly is healthy for your baby or child. You will find that it often is fruit. And all kinds. There are so many different ones!

Go out there and check out different stores to see what all there is. Oranges, apples, kiwis and bananas aren't the only ones!

Try yellow kiwis (my son's favorite), passion fruit, papaya, yellow mango (so yummy - hope you can find it, try Asian stores), cherries, berries, grapes of all colors, dragon fruit, figs, raspberries, apricots, plums..

And buy more melons, pineapple, lemons (and make some healthy lemonade), tangerines, pears, avocados...

It all depends on the season also of course. Apricots and plums you can find mainly in the fall.

Do have fun with these amazing colorful foods that provide such healthy nutrition for kids - juice them, make huge fruit salads, freeze them and make sorbets or other desserts... or just peel them and eat them like that.

Lots of love!


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