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I have been taking care of children with autism a few times in my life. There were seizures with falls to the ground and other times they had clenched their fists so tight that they had dislocated their thumbs. I know how devastating it can be for a parent to witness all of this happening. 

There was also a baby who was born both blind and later developed autism. He was about 11 month old when I met him. Such a sweet little guy. 

Make Sure They Stay Healthy

To minimize additional stress on the child and the family, keep viruses and bacteria away!

Children who are autistic have the same immune system as kids who don't, so that is one thing to go after and to keep strong when wanting them not to fall sick. 

Here are a few other things you could try:

Probiotic Enemas

What? An enema? Yes. This has helped so many. It can be something that will make a big difference! Most autistic children have a gut flora that's hostile or almost non-existent, like there has been a war down there or something.

Just get any regular probiotic supplement from the pharmacy, an enema bag and explain to your child how this will help a lot and start the treatment.

Also feeding them probiotic foods could help! 

  • Probiotic foods you could use:
  • coconut kefir
  • coconut yogurt
  • a supplement
  • fermented foods like sauerkraut

But stay away from dairy! You just don't want to give an autistic child dairy products - don't feed any other child milk either, but definitely no autistic child that has a problem with their brain and nervous system.

Here is how an autistic child improved with the method we discussed:

Keeping Kids Healthy - Autism

An Alkaline Diet for the Autistic Child

Did you know that if you let your child have processed food it puts the blood in an acid situation where things start to dry up and red blood cells stick to each other. And because of that the blood won't anymore carry oxygen or iron well. You don't want a situation like that happening in the child that really needs all the oxygen to the brain he can get. The best would be for them to be on a whole food vegan alkaline diet. And that brings us to the second point.

A Strict Alkaline Diet

Too much protein (meat, beans, dairy and even too many nuts) creates problems because they create an acid ash in the body. So another big thing to focus on when it comes to autism is focusing on an alkaline diet! 

So, focus on an alkaline diet, a lot of fruits, green smoothies, healthy soups, healthy snacks and no unhealthy food what so ever. Okay? And don't forget the enemas with probiotics in them. 

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