Kids eating healthy food - Is it possible? How?

Kids eating healthy food - is it possible?


Take control of what they eat until you feel confident enough to a know that they will make wise choices on their own. Fill your kitchen with healthy food so they can't choose 'wrong' when they go in to get snacks.

You know, all of the advice out there works when it comes to getting kids to eat healthy, you just have to put in the effort - being a good example yourself, teaching kids about healthy eating, being a good example yourself, letting them help you in the kitchen.

There is not need to feel lost when it comes to kids nutrition and eating habits.

Would kids be eating healthy food like fruits and berries if I tired to give it to them?

Some little ones can be quite difficult when it comes to embracing change...

One mom I know is trying to switch the whole family to a fruitairian diet because of all the health problems they are facing. But her 4 year old is not having it. She wants chicken and pasta and asks for it constantly.

And I have noticed that I also can feel overwhelmed at times, like sometimes I feel like I'm constantly in and out of the kitchen. I like it most of the times, but other times when I'm really tired or have a lot of other stuff to get done it can get a bit much to always make a lot of healthy food.

On the other hand I guess it's also a matter of prioritization.. yes, my home is messy. And that's okay. Making sure the kids are eating healthy food is so much more important for me.

kids eating healthy Food, this evening as I was laying in bed next to my teenage son who had just fallen asleep, I was wondering why it's so hard for me to get things done at home. I mean, I'm not that organized and don't like cleaning very much, but at least I would need to get SOME things done sometimes.. For example this afternoon I had planned to get my suitcase ready for a trip I will be going on in a few days, but I feel I didn't even get a chance to start packing... What had I then been so busy with all evening? 

I realized that this happens quite often. Here is how it usually goes: 

I come home from work with big plans of getting this or that done, but when bedtime comes I find myself not having "had time" to do any of it...

But while lying there in the bed in my son's room it struck me that most of the time when I'm at home you'll fine me in the kitchen.

An Example of Kids Eating Healthy Food - and Parents Too

The food I prepared today:

- sliced mangoes for us both and some other fruits and juice

- I then went a second time into the kitchen to make tea 

(At school and work we ate outside of the home)

- Dinner for my son (spinach spelt pasta with vegan cashew/bell pepper pesto, falafel and asparagus)

- an orange/berry smoothie for both of us

- a salad for me

- 3 sandwiches for my son

- sliced apples for both of us

- oatmeal for my son

- tea for me

So in total I went into the kitchen 9 times! And I  stayed there a while each time to prepare the food, make the tea or cut the fruit. On top of that I did the dishes too. So from the time I got home from work (and after food shopping - carrying heavy bags by the way), I had spent the majority of the time fixing snacks and meals. But I guess this is how it has to be if we want our kids to be eating healthy food.

This is what parents do. Spend a lot of time planning meals and making food, unless you have a private chef at home. 

I do know I should ask my son to make his own snacks, he is big enough. And sometimes he does. Sometimes he even cooks. But most of the time I just feel it's easier for me to get those things done. Plus, I do actually enjoy making the smoothies and the tea (I use fresh herbs in the read and it makes it so good). 

I am alsi really happy my son eats so much fruit. I think the reason he does that is because I cut it up and bring it to him.

Anyway, all of this could be one of the many reasons why I don't get much done at home. There just isn't enough time for me to start any big projects  (like for example going through all our clothes to see what we need to give to charity or cleaning the balcony or cleaning the whole apartment for that matter). 

And come to think of it, I also went one extra time to the food store this eve because I wanted avocados for my salad. And before that I went to the post office. And I also had a 30 minute bath. So yeah, that is why I don't have time for any big projects around the house. 

I guess I rather spend time preparing nice meals than live in an organized apartment.

PS. Don't think my son lets me lie and rest next to him all night anymore though - those days are long gone. Now it's often just a few minutes and then he wakes up and says "I would like to sleep now", that means I need to get out of his room haha. And that is even rare. Most times I don't get to enter his room at all.

Hope you liked this Kids Eating Healthy Food article!

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