Kids Vitamins and Minerals

There is one kids vitamins and minerals formula I really like that you can find on Amazon called Biotest (Freeze-Dried) but I also like one called Superfood blend by Dr Morse - just amazing.

The ingredients in both are basically dehydrated vegetables and fruits and some kid-friendly herbs, so by taking this supplement every day your kids get so much more fruits and vegetables into their system than if they wouldn't be taking it. You could give it to them with their breakfast, it's so easy to forget it later in the day. And they need the energy it provides in the morning and during the day anyway, and not really in the evening anymore.

We all know that there are some busy days every week where we just don't have time to pay too much attention to nutrient dense food and balanced meals. Ideally we would think about that every day, but that's not realistic in most busy families.

Some hire cooks and nutritionists to make sure there is always healthy food on the table, but not every one can afford that.

Also, if you have read a bit about me, you will know that I used to be one of those cooks who go around to families to cook and bake! :)

A Quality Kids Vitamins and Minerals Supplement

One mom-to-be asked me: Will kids eat vegetables? Yes, often they will. Other times they won't.

But giving them a quality supplement, is a way to make sure they get something goodness in them every day. That is why I like the freeze-dried ones because it's as if they would eat the fresh fruits and vegetables but without fuss.

Here is an article about how regular synthetic vitamins aren't the healthiest, with all the extra additives like aspartame for example:

Along with taking a natural kids vitamins and minerals supplement like this, still make sure your children eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle.

I recently bought a blender that has a very strong motor, about 1000W. It's amazing. I can make soups and smoothies so much easier now. Worth investing in and instantly your family will start to eat healthier. Older children can also make themselves smoothies after school.

Moringa powder or alfalfa and berry powders like one made out of blueberries or acai berries are packed with nutrients and can be added to the snacks and smoothies and juices you make.

Speaking of snacks.. I have been thinking of baking something. But it needs to be something healthy. I found this recipe online and think I will try it tonight:


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