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Mother and Baby Nutrition - About Nursing, Being Pregnant and Healthy Kids

What to eat so my child will be healthy? And what to feed the baby when born?

When you are pregnant, anything you eat will build the cells and body of the little one inside you, so it's important to choose wisely. Organic fresh produce is the best food for an expectant mother.

There are specific herbs and super foods that are good to have when pregnant. One example is organic berries (you can get some berry powder to add to your smoothies), another example is nettles! Who would have guessed that?

Nettles are so full of vitamins and minerals that I would even recommend nettles or nettle powder for you ever day. Compounds in it tone the uterus and so do compounds found in raspberry leafs.

If you can find an organic herbal pregnancy tea, go ahead and get it. Most probably it will have the ingredients we talked about in it. Start having it regularly when you have reached your second trimester. If the baby is already out, get a nursing or breastfeeding tea.

Mother's Tea

But it's not only what you eat during your pregnancy that affects how your baby's health will be once born. It is also how you ate before getting pregnant, and even how your lifestyle has been and how you have been eating all your life and for that matter your parent's and grandparent's eating habits and lifestyles and health challenges too.

Some health issues are developed over generations. They might start many generations back (because of poor lifestyle choices that have been running in the family), but then only show up several generations later - and this might be the reason why so many kids these days have several genetic weaknesses these days.

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Why do some children these days have a lot of health problems?

Since I work in this field and I see all kinds of issues in infants and toddlers all the time. Skin problems are very common. The skin is our biggest organ so this shows that something else in these little bodies is not working well and the skin reacts. Most small children I know have constant colds and many are put on antibiotics, even as a preventative measure. But some doctors are actually starting to wake up to the overuse of antibiotics, and I hear more often young doctors say that "we won't use antibiotics this time, because we don't want to kill all the good bacteria in the gut that prevent future colds". Very wise.

Read more about children's health and how to strengthen their immune system here.

Will my baby be healthy

Mother Baby Nutrition

How can I make sure that my baby will be healthy and strong?

I would say, as soon as your baby is able to start eating fruits, feed her fruit daily. This way you should have a healthy baby.

As a mother it's good to eat a lot of nutritious food, it's easier to take proper care of your little one when you feel good. Here you can read about nutrition for busy moms.

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Hope that helps. I can also send you a super healthy meal plan to you if you like, I just finished one for a client of mine.


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