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Nutrition Facts for Kids - Kids Nutrition Information

Food is not only something we eat because we are hungry or because we want to have something sweet or salty to chew on. Food is where we humans get what we need to survive, become stronger and really thrive!

After so much research, I have realized that food is amazing. If it's in it's natural state, straight from the farm or straight from the tree, it's sooo good for you! 

Why? It can do so much in our body... heal a flu, help your eyes see better (think carrots and blueberries) and it can even help you run faster than someone who doesn't eat well!

Eat almonds to get your minerals

Children need to eat enough to grow and do well in school, at sports and at home.

But can you just eat anything?

What about muffins, Coke or Sprite?

How about this, are there any vitamins in them? Now you're thinking :)

What we eat affect our behavior and how we feel, so junk will make us feel junkie - if that's even a word - haha

Junk food and fast food just don't give the body what it needs. That kind of food is called 'nutrient-depleted' food.

Nutrient Dense

Because there is nothing in it that we need. The only thing it will do is fill you up.

And of course that feels good if you are hungry, but if you also want to be able to think fast, stay healthy and strong - then it's just not the food for you.

But there is food that will give you what you need - food that also will make you feel great!

Feel Great

Did you for example know that fruits and veggies are great for your skin?

Especially cucumber, kiwis, carrots, strawberries and oranges!

And one food that is good for you if you do sports is for example celery!

Have some every morning the day of practice, or with your lunch that day!

Because celery helps our blood to circulate faster, and that will help us become less tired when we run!

More Nutrition Facts for Kids

Here is a cool banana fact:


If you happen to be really hungry right now, I'm sure you wouldn't mind a large fruit salad?

In Peru a few years ago they made a fruit salad that weighed 8,866 lb (about 4 tons)! Crazy!

Eat It

That might be a bit too much for you? :)

Well, I hope they had fun eating it!

Oh and by the way, how big do you think carrots can get?

As big as a cucumber? That would already be big, right?

Well, guess what!

A man names Joe from the UK once won a Giant Vegetable Championship with an almost 6 m long carrot!

That is 19.16 feet!

He made a world record there - the longest carrot in the world! I wonder how it is even possible, but it is true :)

You might also be interested in the nutrition education for kids page found on this website.

Carrot facts

You can learn all the nutrition facts for kids in the world, but the most important thing you should know though is that...


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