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Do you have a child who is very thin no matter how much she or he eats?

Well, it might mean that he or she is going through a growth spurt right now, but it can also be that you guys are skinny in your family? Or that at least your partner or one grandparent was very skinny while growing up?

A few people in my family are very slim or at least have been when young, I'm also on the slim side. My son was still quite thin a few years ago, not that extreme anymore but I think he will still always be slim and tall.

But when you feel worried because you suspect not eating enough is the reason for your child being so slim, that is when we have to think of ways to make her eat more and focus on foods that will make her gain some weight.

But don't jump to junk food, even though we know those foods makes people put on fat... it's still not good for the heart and even a skinny person can get diabetes... so that is not the best solution here.

What to do then?

I would focus on feeding you child healthy carbohydrates!

And a lot of them.

Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, rice, fruits!

Oatmeal with nuts.


You could also pour some extra organic olive oil on the meals you are making.

And try to give her one extra meal every day, if possible. My son often has two dinners for example!

More Nutrition for Skinny Kids Tips

- Make sure your child has frequent snacks, like dried fruit, avocados and nuts

Yummy snack

- Put some date-cashew bars or other healthy snack bars in her backpack so she can have it whenever she wants to

- Give her an extra banana, papaya or other fruit before bed time

- Add a little extra olive oil to her meals

When talking about nutrition for skinny kids, you know that raw coconut oil you find in the health food store? It's white and thick when it's stored in a cool place and a clear liquid when kept in a warm room. You can eat this oil raw. Add some of it to hot meals when they are ready (not during the cooking process), or if you prefer olive oil, that's great too.

One child I know doesn't eat much. Very picky too.

I hope he will change his habits soon. But the important thing is that he is still seems to have enough energy despite the difficulties he is giving his parents at the table.

hope he gets all the nutrients he needs

When they become tired easily, coupled with bad eating habits, that is when we have to explain to them the importance of eating enough. And try our best to help them see food as something enjoyable.

How about if you would try one new fruit a day? That could be something fun to do with your skinny child. It will make him or her curious and excited about what other fruits there are out there - the exotic kinds and all the different tastes!

There are so many tropical fruits that are so beautiful, colorful and full of important nutrients. How about a carambola that looks like a star when you cut it?

And did you know that the small purple mangosten fruit contains double the amount of fiber than one banana? About 5 grams and it's of course full of antioxidants. On top of that it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Cool!

Here is a recipe your kid might like:

Yummy Fruit Salad

For 2 people you need a box of organic red grapes, 2 bananas, 2 green apples, 1 lemon and fresh mint!

Wash the fruit, cut the grapes in halves, cut the banana into slices and the apples into small pieces. Chop up some mint leaves. Combine everything in a bowl. Finally sprinkle on some fresh lemon juice. Enjoy :)

I hope the tips in this Nutrition for Skinny Kids article will help your child put on a little fat, if you really feel it is necessary.

I remember when I was a child and at around eight years old, me and my sister one day said we didn't want to be skinny anymore so we took cream out of the fridge, poured it into glasses and started drinking. It didn't taste very good, I must say that.


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