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Overweight Kid's Nutrition - Foods to eat and not to eat :)

I believe that unless there is an obvious overweight issue, children should just be able to be themselves and not worry about one pound here or there.

We don't want to make them feel that there is anything wrong with how they look at such a young age! That could even be dangerous.

And they should definitely also be able to eat in peace, without any guilty feelings.

But I do understand that there are exceptions, and that is when a child's weight becomes a threat to their health.

Health Issues

This is when the parents need to take it serious and change the whole family's lifestyle and food choices.

It would be good to do it in a smart way so the child doesn't remember it as a bad experience, but as something that made his life much better and her whole family happier!

What I often tell parents who don't usually cook much at home and have children that seem to need more home cooked meals than take out, is to spend a little more time than before at the fruit and veggie section at the supermarket. Alone or together with the kids.

Just get everything you think your kids might like. If they like oranges, focus on that for a while. Make juice out of them or cut them up nicely and put on a large plate for them in the morning... What's important is that your children get used to fresh food and not packaged.

And, if you happen to have a farmers market somewhere close to you, that would be a great place to visit one of these days.

Here Is What To Do Now:

It's worth it.

Also, not doing these two things anymore have made a huge difference in the lives of many families already:

  • Avoiding giving children ANYTHING that contains sugar. If you manage to do that, you will be far ahead already. This will help the excess weight to slowly but surely come off.
  • Not buying snacks like cookies and chocolate bars for the home - did you know that chocolate has around 550 calories per every 100 grams? And sugar is also very calorie dense and lacks any nutrition that the body would actually need.

This might sound REALLY hard to do... but you will get used to it. Especially when you have learnt how to make easy healthy meals, snacks and amazing healthy treats that will burn fat instead of making your children gain weight! So many parents I know have done this successfully already.

Too much sugar and salt is a common problem in overweight children's diet. Salty food is popular. Chips, fries, tortillas, dips, ham on bread, sausages and similar.

There is also SO much salt in restaurant food and take out, so be careful not to have that very often.

When your family eats a healthy whole food diet the amounts of sugar, salt and harmful factory made fats will be very low.

These two videos explain a few things:

Overweight Kid's Nutrition

When it comes to babies, don't worry about it! My son was super fat before the age of one. Breastfed babies often are. This does not mean they will become obese adults!

Weight Loss Foods for Kids

The foods that you find in the stores labeled as diet food, like the powdered "diet" soups and shakes. They are usually full of artificial flavors and colors and I wouldn't really consider them 'food' that is suitable for a child.

A product where it says "diet" on it doesn't automatically mean its a good product. In reality it's often a chemical cocktail.

Is Diet Coke healthy?


Sugar may not be good for us, but that doesn't mean that artificial sweeteners are any better.

Try not to buy products with a very long ingredient list.

Instead buy healthy foods that you and your kids like.

Then you start making dinners for your family - as often as you feel you have time of course. If you manage to do this even just a few times a week, it will really make a difference.

Also you can start to make smoothies (without milk).

That is not very difficult at all and you and your child can have fun with it and come up with your own fruit combinations!

My son likes mango, apple and ginger. Sometimes I also make the cherry smoothie recipe you see here.

The smoothie you see on this page is super healthy - full of antioxidants and minerals! You'll find more recipes here.

Healthy recipes your kids will like!


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