Sports Nutrition for Kids and Teens

Lets talk about sports nutrition for kids and teens! Children who do sports often need a bit more food than those who are less active, but they will know themselves how much they need to eat. The body works that way. When we are more active we eat more and when we have days where we don't do so much we often eat less.

With children who do a lot of sports after school though, if they don't eat enough early in the day they might feel weaker than usually and won't have enough strength for practice after school.

Did you know that extra protein is often times not necessary? But if you still would like to supplement your child's diet with something protein rich just to be sure, spirulina is perfect. In it you will find protein, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron plus some other vitamins as well. There is also something you can find in health food stores called pea protein. Totally vegan and should be fine for kids as well.

Sports Nutrition for Kids and Teens

One thing I would also recommend is staying away from "sports drinks". They are not very natural and because of that not very healthy either. Opt for a home made smoothie or some fruit and pure water instead.

And someone asked if active kids are healthy. I would say yes provided that the other areas of their life are in balance as well. That they get enough time to socialize with their friends, that their family time at home is harmonious and not stressful and that they take care of their diet, for example don't eat fast food every day ;)

Here is a question I got from a teen named Peytan who is starting to train again after a break.

I added our conversation for you here, you might find something helpful in it if you are interested in sports nutrition for kids.

Sports Nutrition for Kids and Teens

Peytan says:

I'm a 17 year old who is starting back MMA training/classes. My favorite fighter Nate Diaz is a vegan, however I know that vegans do not eat meat (which is a huge source of protein) I was curious if this diet would suit me, as I need to gain weight not lose it, or if you have a different type of diet in mind? Please get back to me, thank you.

Antonia's answer:

I think a vegan diet could definitely be something for you. As you said other MMA fighters also don't eat meat or dairy and so many body builders and other athletes too. My boyfriend does jujitsu and also lifts very heavy weights and he is almost vegan (no milk and no eggs).

My son is a few years younger than you and is vegan. He is a very active skateboarder and is doing very well, he takes no special sports nutrition supplements or vitamins except from time to time some vegan super food powder - if I can make him take it (not always easy).

What i would be interested in now is how much do you weigh and how tall are you?

I weigh 140 even as of today, and I am 6'3 Hope this was able to help, thank you :)

Ok, your BMI number shows that you are very lean so I understand that you want to make sure you don't lose weight on a new diet.

If I would be you (and also for the other kids out there who do a lot of sports), I would make sure I eat an extra meal a day. And more bananas, I don't know if you eat bananas now or not, but they are very good to eat for people who do sports because of the magnesium in them, and also for those of us who want to keep our weight up. I eat about 6 bananas a day, often 5 in one go and then later I'll still have another one. I know people who eat more than that.

When we start being more active its good to make sure we eat enough so we don't feel more tired or start losing weight, because that is not the goal for most kid athletes!

Here you can read more about going vegan and eating gluten free.

I will also send you some meal plan suggestions. In the plans you and your mom can find some good recipes I hope.

Thank you so much for all you've done to help!! I can't even begin to thank you enough! - Peytan

If you happen to have a specific question regarding sports nutrition for kids, go ahead and contact me :)


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