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In my opinion food is something amazing... So many different tastes, textures and colors! Eating good food is one of life's great pleasures. And if you eat together with family, it's even more enjoyable and also so relaxing.

One question I often get from clients is what do your kids eat?

My teenage son eats a lot of fruit, and has been doing that ever since he was very small. his first food was redcurrant berries and other berries from our garden - while he was still breast feeding.

He also eats rice, veggies, vegan pasta (no cheese), hummus, bread, white bean dishes (the only beans he likes), salads. Sometimes some walnuts or macadamia nuts but it's not a daily thing.

Orange, Papaya, Mint - Something I made for Benji the other day. Lots of fresh orange juice, few chunks of papaya and a handful of mint leaves.

He also drinks quite a lot of juice, some of it I make myself at home and some he buys at the store.

He also drinks tea daily, most often peppermint tea.

Most of what he eats is organic.

About once a week or so he has some snacks like vegan chocolate or organic corn chips.

That's about it. He doesn't overeat and just eats when hungry. Food is not a big thing to him, just something to have so you aren't hungry and can continue doing what you were doing.

The only time he can get really excited about food is when we find some really good mangoes or yellow kiwis or some other cool fruit.

So that is about him.

food and nutrition for kidsAn avocado salad we had yesterday.

Then we've got my other children.

They are the kids of my clients. I cook for some of them every week. And often I also plan their menu with their mommies.

They eat mainly vegetarian, except some moms who still want their children to have a chicken or meat dish once in a while.

Here you can take a look at a typical meal plan for kids.

Food and Nutrition for Kids is for sure an important topic. It's my passion -  what I think about day in and day out :)

By the way, a few days ago an old high school friend of mine called me. She a daughter who is about 5 years old with a lot of respiratory issues. And a newborn.

This time it was he newborn's tummy problems she wanted to get some advice on.

The nurse she had contacted about them said what mom eats has nothing to do with the newborn's gas, but she felt that can't be correct since she is breastfeeding, and I assured her that she was right - of course it has a lot to do what what mom is eating.

She also asked what I'm doing at the moment and I said I'm making dinner.

She asked me what I was making and I said, oh just easy food, lentils and beans (with onion and some vegetable stock to make them yummy and salty), beetroot, greens, sprouts and avocado...

She said: "Oh... does Benji really eat that?"

And I told her that, yes he was the one who asked if we could have those beans tonight. True that he is not much into beetroot but that's okay, means I can have even more.

It's kind of weird because for me what I'm making is normal food. And for her, what I'm making is "healthy" food that her daughter wouldn't ever have.

But, I think it's just a matter of what they are used to. And it's entirely up to us parents. If we buy hot dogs, bacon, cheese sandwiches and cookies, then of course that is what our kids will think is "normal" food. And anything else will be yucky to them.


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