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Secrets to Healthy Eating

Kids need to eat right to stay healthy, we know that. But how do we include more healthy stuff in their meals without having to deal with too much fuss?

Well, let's look at a few ways to do this easily ;)

1. You can add zucchini to cup cakes and muffins (yes there are very healthy zucchini and "chocolate" muffins that you can make, let me know if you want the recipe).

2. You can also take the juice that they normally have, put it in the blender with add a few spinach leaves and some frozen berries.

3. Put tiny pieces of vegetables in their soups. And lettuce and parsley or basil on sandwiches (under the cheese if you have to hide it).

4. Serve veggies as a side dish to everything. Also as snacks.

Vegetables are full of minerals and definitely a perfect food for children. Too bad not all little ones like them.

In soups it is really easy to "hide" greens. I usually use scissors to cut for example green (curly) kale very finely and then I add it to the soup.

But only when the soup is ready, I don't want to destroy the nutrients by boiling it with the soup.

I remember that my best friend's mother used to give her and her brother one carrot with their breakfast - every single day.

I thought that was kind of a cool habit and an easy one for children to get used to and accept as part of the morning routine.

One day they might even ask you for it if you forget!

Another idea would be to make carrot juice for them.

Fruit is something that should always be in the house, so it's easy for your children to have some whenever they want to.

Buy organic so there is not that much necessary washing and peeling.

Most children like fruit. But not all.

I know one boy who doesn't like it and never has. But at least he does eat berries, so his mom gives him frozen berries every day and they pick their own in the summer.

Healthy Eating Kids Food Ideas

Loved this speech!

It's about school lunches and trying to change how we feed kids:

More healthy nutrition for kids ideas:

- You could put carrot or celery sticks in a bowl close to where your child is playing. Take one yourself and walk away. At least some of them will be gone when you go back and check in half an hour or so :)

- Another idea is to always have white cabbage at home. If it is kept in the refrigerator, it has a very long "shelf life" compared to other veggies.

One way to hide cabbage in food is to cut it up like onion and use it the same way as you would use onion.

When you make a pasta sauce for example.

You saute or fry some onion, add tomatoes, then add the garlic and finally fresh basil... Only next time saute both cabbage and onion.

Increase the amount of kale slowly. Soon your kids will be eating a lot of cabbage without even paying much attention to it :)

Do you have a fussy eater? Read about how to tackle that here.

Keeping Kids Healthy

Kids Eating Healthy Food

Never seen a child eat healthy? I have!

Yep, kids can love vegetables! You just need to believe it yourself and find ways to be creative about it.

Have you thought about juicing at all?

Here one mother shows us how to make your own juice at home together with your child:

Hope you liked my Healthy Eating Kids Nutrition article. If you want, tell your children to check out some healthy tips for kids here.

Oh, one more thing, I just want to tell you something I remembered while writing all of this for you:

Once when I came home from my classes many years ago, I steamed up some broccoli, put it on a plate and then put it in front of my then one year old.

I will never forget how his little face lit up when he saw it and he said: "broccoli!" With that sweet little voice he had...

My mother also told me about one time when my son was about 1,5 and they were in a food store. She mumbled to herself, "what should we buy?" And he said loud and clear: "avocado!" :)


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