Food Allergies in Kids

The most common food allergies in kids?

And you know which one isn't on that list that really should be? Corn!

If your child has gas after Mexican food, gluten-free pasta made with corn or maybe just some tortilla chips or popcorn - then you know what to do. Eliminate that from their diet, because being sensitive to corn is so uncomfortable - I know from experience.

My son used to get stomach pain after ice cream when he was little and we lived in Italy, and we rarely ate other dairy products, so it was pretty clear it was dairy. And that is very common these days, even in little babies.

Looking at the list, there are quite a few foods or food groups on there, but it also could be something totally different that your child is reacting to. Like food coloring! Or other food additives..

Some cases are pretty clear, like throwing up immediately after eating something. And some take a while to figure out. You just have to be observant and sooner or later you will find out what it is.

Dairy is especially one to avoid introducing into your child's diet if you want to stay away from allergies.

Could it be milk, cream, yogurt or cheese?

If you suspect it is, make sure you know that various soups, sauces and even chocolate also most often contains milk.

And anything that has cheese or cream in it (or on it) needs to be left alone, including pizza.

But there is a difference between being intolerant to lactose and being allergic to milk protein.

The milk protein allergy can't be detected by doing a blood test.

So even though your child's blood test shows she does not have a lactose intolerance, it could still be dairy that's the problem.

And a client of mine has a child who often gets skin rashes and has very dry skin. This is a time to stop giving her cow's milk.

So mom stopped the milk but still continues with yogurt and cheese. Not a wise move, mom.

Allergies are not always something that is formed as the child gets older, as a result of what the child's diet looks like.

Many times the cause is a genetic weakness of different organs or glands that has been there since birth, and this is causing the child to react to certain foods.

If the gut cannot tolerate a lot of different foods, its not something you should just accept and not do much about (except avoiding giving your child the foods she reacts to).

Instead, get to the root of the problem. Fix the gut and anything else needed.

Having a healthy body is the only way to reduce food allergies in kids.

Something to think about long and hard is that both protein and dairy is very acid forming and will create a host of problems in your child's body.

I get sad because there are so many kids living with food allergies, and it wouldn't have to be that way. Allergies can get better when you fix the diet and the body.

Food Allergy Symptoms in Kids

Just to name a few the symptoms can include eczema, constipation, diarrhea, stomach ache, very smelly stools, waking up with swollen lips or other swollen body parts, itchy skin (this can also be Candida though) and vomiting.

Making Food-Allergic Kids Feel Included

Someone asked how to make kids with allergies and sensitivities feel included. I would just make another version of whatever food is being served for the allergic child.
Something that looks very much the same but without the ingredient that creates problems.

Or if it's a party at your house, or any type of family gathering, make the same food for everyone (everything gluten-free for example), so the allergic child can eat and drink everything you serve, that way at least at home he or she doesn't have to feel different.

It's the same with vegan kids, like my son. For example at school during their cooking lessons, the teacher has been nice enough to always let him make a vegan version of the dish they are making. She even makes the effort to find the vegan ingredients he needs for his dish before class.

A Meal Plan that takes into consideration the most common Food Allergies in Kids:

In my meal plans, all dishes are free from dairy, eggs, gluten/wheat, soy, shellfish, fish and meat. So for those families out there with kids who are allergic to the above foods will love the meal plans and recipes.

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