Tips for Raising Vegan Kids

Raising vegan kids to be healthy and strong. both physically and mentally

me and my childMe and my little one in NYC many years ago.

Vegan kids need a little more support from their parents to feel like they aren't too different from everyone else, or another way to make them see the situation is that what they are doing is better than what others are doing, so they should be proud of it.

But nevertheless, even with a good attitude, there will be situations where we parents have to be a little more involved than a parent to any other child, we need to check everything that is going on in school and after school or plans with friends, and make sure our child always has an alrernative available, so he or she is not left without food. 

Sometimes a vegan child can start to question the values and eating habits of the family. It helps if they have a good connection to animals, either as pets or reading about them, watching videos with animals or visiting animals at farms or petting zoos. That way they can see animals as the sensitove and loving beings as they are, are they will understand why we don't eat our friends.

vegan plant-based creature

I get surprised when I see kids in parks chasing birtds or trying to scare other animals, while the parents are just sitting there, thinking it is totally normal behaviour. Those children don't have any respect for other cretures at all, and for sure won't mind eating them either. 

We have a little guinea pig, and she is so sweet, interacting with her as much as we do has def tought us all in my family that even small creatures like her, do have feelings and wants and they understand way more than we would have thought before getting to know her. She is a lovely little plant-based cutie, loves cuddles and communicates a lot throughout the day. She follows you around like a cat if she hasn't been fed yet. And then she jumps with joy when you have understood what she wanted. A beautiful little soul for sure. 

Healthy Eatingwhen raising vegan kids

Not all vegan food is healthy. So teaching about nutrition and good habits is important. Show your kids that you love eating all that food that makes us strong and healthy. I often eat celery, cucumber, sweet pepper or a bowl full of carrots when I'm watching some show with my son. Sometimes he wants some too, sometimes not.

Also, eat salads in front of them. And take the time to eat breakfast with them at the table every morning.

It is difficult to measure the amount of bad stuff that is present in the food we buy every day and serve our children, unless of course you are a scientist. I really hope something is done about this soon because we want out children to have the chance to choose to eat clean, fresh food!

mentally strong and Kind Children

We should find a way to bring up happy, loving and empathetic children who know how to do what they know is right.

Kids who feel confident enough to always be themselves and follow their dreams.

We can do this in various ways, but of course, the best way to show them how to be and do all that is to be a good example yourself.

That is how they learn lasting lessons. By watching you.

NO couch potato

We also need to teach our children how not be a couch potato!

Studies have shown that it's even worse for our health than we knew! Even sitting for more than 30 minutes straight is bad for you!

So our toddlers and younger children really need to stop hanging out online all day or watching cartoons - yes, even if you have a million things to do and even if it's raining.

Instead, you could get a neighbor's kid to come in and play, or hire a young babysitter who would need the money.

And our teenagers need to stop lying in bed constantly. Because from experience I know that they lie in bed watching youtube, hanging out on Instagram or chatting with friends. And they often even do their homework in bed. This is really something that could become a bad habit that could be a problem for their future health. So please let them know!

As you can see, it is not only about food here on this plant-based vegan diet website.

Because when talking about children's health, we should always look at the whole picture. So we can raise kind and smart future adults, people that this world really will need! 

Be a Good Example and Don't Eat Junk

In my previous job, in addition to visiting a lot of families to help out in diffficult situations, they also sent me to lectures and talks related to children's health and child development.

In one of those talks a neuropsychologist told us that the brains of kids don't develop fully until they are around twenty years old!

Did you know that? I didn't!

The front part of a boy's brain will even continue to develop until he is well over 20!

my vegan boy

That means that helping them with understanding the world, confidence, self-trust and with learning practical things like taking good care of themselves is not just something we can do when they are very small.

We can teach them important things that will make a lasting impression on them even when they are older. So if you feel you haven't taught your older boys very good habits, it's not too late yet!

But  we should also be open to letting them teach us and show us things, as children are often wiser than we think they are. So listening carefully to them is a key factor in good parenting.

Something the neuropsychologist also said that I will never forget:

"We can do irreversible damage to the brains of our children (and souls I'm sure), if they don't receive the good care that they deserve to get as babies and children".

Raising emotionally healthy kids

boy looking sad

This is a super important part of raising vegan kids or any kids for that matter. Emotional health is when we feel safe to express how we feel, when we can show our emotions without feeling like it is wrong to have certain feelings or we might be punished if we show that we are angry or sad. Emotional health is also when we know that someone is there for us, when we are not left alone way too much becasue our parents work way too much.

A good thing would be to be emotionally stable yourself, and if you feel like you aren't, preactice patience and try to work on yourself so you can be the best you around your children.

Another important point would be not to say bad things about the other parent, whether he is still in the picture or not.

And that brings us to...

Raising Vegan Kids as a Single Parent

Vegan or not, kiddos can do very well and be super healthy raised by a single parent, exactly the same as kids who are raised by two parents.

It depends on how dedicated the parent is to making the situation the best it can be. Sometimes being a single parent also means less conflicts and tension in the home, and being vegan as a single parent is also easier that being vegan and in a partnership with someone who isn't vegan. But every situation is of course different.

when raising vegan kids


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