Gluten Free Diet for Kids

Looking for a good gluten free diet for kids? My meal plans are full of gluten free recipes for kids and their families. I can send you one to take a look at if you want.

If gluten is something your child’s gut gets irritated by you do need to make some adjustments to the food you buy and the meals you make. So I'm happy you found this page.

Because if their small little digestive systems keeps being irritated as a result of eating the wrong foods, it can really lead to serious health problems later on...

Gluten Free Diet for Kids
Black bean spaghetti, anyone?

These days they make very nice lentil pasta, rice pasta, rice noodles, soy bean or buckwheat pasta and black bean spaghetti! So you could just make that with your child's favorite pasta sauce :) Try to see which one your child like most.

Its good to buy products that say gluten free. Gluten free oatmeal for example. Have you tried it yet? Some stores might also have gluten free kid's products, like cookies or energy bars, or you could get them online.

I know these products can be quite expensive, that is why if you don't want to spend a fortune you could change up the way you as a family  eat a little bit. If you used to eat a lot of pasta, maybe now focus on rice instead! And alternatively potatoes and beans.

Asian type dishes are often totally gluten free. Vietnamese dishes, Pho soup for example. Indian food too, just skip the Nan bread :) And Japanese, just think of sushi!

Me and my son often eat falafel and here in Finland there is a restaurant chain where you can get a gluten free bun with the falafel for a small extra cost. And there are a few other sandwich places where they also have gluten free bread options. For example a vegetarian burger place I really love. Do they have something like that where you live in the US?

Gluten Free Diet for Kids Continued

I got this question from a teenager living in the US:

"I was diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) a while ago but I don't eat any specific way, should I?"

Yes, you should. If you were really diagnosed with this, then it's definitely nothing to play with. What are your favorite (healthy) foods? Is there something you don't like or something you are allergic to (except gluten)?

"I like literally every type of food so don't worry about that at all and I'm not allergic to anything other than gluten!"

Okay, when we remove something from the diet we have to replace it with something. So when you don't eat gluten - no pasta or bread anymore, its good to have something else that is healthy that you like the taste of and that can eat a lot of. That is why I was asking you what foods you like so we can start to mold your meal plan around those foods.

If you or your child need help with going on an elimination diet to find out what else he or she might be intolerant to, I can help.

Most of the time it is one of the following though:

But it could also of course be something else. Like citrus fruits or peanuts!

Speaking of peanuts, here is some information that could be quite important if you have young children: It talks about how waiting to give peanuts until your child gets to a certain age might not be such a good idea after all. What? Yes, really.

Gluten Allergy in Kids

Did you know that a gluten allergy means a compromised digestive system. This can lead to  a whole array of health problems later on in life. Get some help for this and your children will be able to tolerate gluten again - but the question is if you want them to eat products like that anyway? It's always better to focus on fresh produce.

Read more about allergies in kids here.

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