Good Food Kids Love Cookbook

Good food kids love cookbook? Looking for a book with dishes that kids will love?

There are many cool ones out there, but here are some that I really like myself. There is also one at the very bottom of the page, and I must say that it's my favorite so far!

Contact me if you are interested in getting one of those books.

I remember when I tried to read for my boy when he was just a few months old, just as an experiment.

It was a chapter book for older children.

What happened? He started laughing!

Maybe it was the tone of my voice or something.

After that I started reading baby books for instead. Then children's books, and finally comic books.

So every evening now for about 7 years I have been reading Donald Duck for my son Benji (he is 12, turning 13 very soon).

He still loves it and reads the comics by himself too.

Donald is often both unemployed and troubled.

And this of course reflects the reality that is going on in many people's lives today, including our own, but I can not help but wonder if it is really good to read about it every single day?

Even though I must admit that I do enjoy reading those comics myself too and I'm always excited when a new one is out :)

Anyways, it's of course always great to watch kids reading books that can really teach them something important. Like when I see Benji read science books or books about photography for example. Or books on the benefits of healthy cooking.

I also have another book page that you might have already seen?

Healthy Cooking with Kids

While cooking with your child you have an amazing opportunity to teach him a lot of things. Like for example:

- Why we need to use good oils, and how some oils spoil when they are heated and some don't.

- Why we need to use good and safe cookware and no longer Teflon pans that were popular when you were a child.

And everything else you can think of!

By the way, what food kids love really depends on the child. Benji was home from school today because he needed to rest, and this is what he chose to do:

Wake up at 10am.

Then within three hours after waking up he had...

- a mango smoothie

- two passion fruits

- a grapefruit and one apple

- three more mango smoothies :)

What does your son or daughter really like to eat, if he or she could choose freely?


Leave a comment or question for me here :)

Good Food Kids Love Cookbook Suggestion:

The best nutrition for kids cookbook would be this new book, with recipes that kids love...

It has amazing recipes in it, your child will love them!

The author is from Australia, I don't know her personally, but her blog is very interesting!

The price is set to 18 AUD - don't let that put you off!

That's only about $14.

And the ingredients are super easy to find in the US and other parts of the world too!

Just let me know if you want to buy it, and I'll let you know where you can get it.

It contains...

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