Good Nutrition for Kids

Good Food

Let's look at good nutrition for kids. What do we as parents need to think about when it comes to selecting foods for the beautiful little souls we have at home?

Well, for a baby, the best nutrition would be mothers milk and then comes berries and fruits. But for toddlers and beyond?

A few easy ways to know if the food you are serving your child is good for him is to ask yourself:

Is it fresh? Is it ripe?

It's important that all the healthy fruit you serve is ripe, but if you see any dark spots (except on bananas!) or mold, then don't buy it.

And when it comes to green vegetables, if they have started to become yellowish they are a not so fresh anymore and usually not as nutritious either (think yellow and dry celery leaves). 

Deep frozen is good, most of the nutrients are still present frozen vegetables and berries.

Does the table look colorful?

Check if the table is set in a nice and colorful way!

If there are mainly brown, yellow and white (grains, beans, cheese or meat) dishes, then I would encourage you to try again.

There should always be plates with many healthy options at at meal times :)

Also, make the plate look beautiful :)

This will make your child feel more positive and more likely to have more food - if that is your goal.

I try to make the food I'm giving my son look very nice.

Sometimes I tell him "here is your gourmet dish". And he smiles and eats happily.

Something you will know that is good for your kids and super fresh (because you made it), is sprouted seeds!

You could even make microgreens out of them! They grow well indoors.

I am going to start to plant microgreens this week actually! I saw a video that inspired me to start:

This is a really cool way to have greens available at home all the time! And it's cheap too! The only thing for me is that I haven't been able to find organic soil for sale in the flower shops over here. I will keep searching! Or then I will go deep into the forest and dig some up for myself... I mean why not?

Good Nutrition for Kids - How about a fruit lunch or dinner?

My son asked me once if we could have fruit for dinner - and I said yes! So we did.

It's not impossible and it's fun, go ahead and try it yourself one day.

We don't always have to be so boring and old fashioned and continue the old potato, pasta and salad scenario. If you want to make more traditional dinner meals though, but still very nutritious ones, check out this page.

Find recipes with dishes that contain good nutrition for kids here.

Wouldn't it be great by the way if we all would have amazing gardens with food growing everywhere, fruit trees, salads, berry bushes, tomato vines?

If you do have a garden, you are so lucky!

Take advantage of it and start planting things -even though I'm sure you are already :)

I would love to pick some of those tomatoes on the picture!

Hope you have a healthy and happy week! Love you guys!


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