What's healthy for kids?

healthy for kids

What's healthy for kids when it comes to lifestyle and food?

1. Healthy Living Tips for Kids

Sleeping well, eating well, laughing often. being loved and cared for, not having many stressful days and not having to worry about things that aren't age-appropriate...

Good activities for kids?

Playing sports, yoga, arts and crafts, cooking, visiting museums... Find something your child likes and do it with them often. Maybe you could for example find out if there are some healthy cooking classes for kids in your area? Me and my son used to go to some cooking classes together years ago - it was fun.

We also used to play tennis on a lawn outside our apartment building. Then he started liking Frisbee more, so we switched to that. And when he was even younger he used to like playing football with my brother.

Now he is older and it's harder to find activities for him. Mostly he just likes to spend time in his room and make music. He has started to like fashion now all of a sudden though, so many of our conversations revolve around clothes he wants to order online and what fits with what. It's too bad he doesn't like going to the movies, because I love it. He says it's a waste of money when you can easily watch a good movie at home.

Now, let's talk about healthy food choices for kids.

2. Food - What's healthy for kids and what isn't?

Make sure your children's diet contains all the nutrients that their body needs, and nothing it doesn't need - like hydrogenated fats, food coloring, sugar and preservatives.

That would most likely be an unprocessed and very colorful diet. Might not be that practical, but you can get used to it.

See it as something fun, shopping for the best ingredients, making gorgeous food and enjoying it.

Distinguishing between bad and good food for kids:

Is there something that can be called a healthy cereal for kids?

No - only if you make it yourself, like for example your own breakfast granola. Cereal is so full of sugar that it can't be considered healthy no matter how whole grain it is.

Coffee for teens? Not recommended. It is addictive and young adults should make sure not to destroy their brain's own ability to produce chemicals that keep them alert and awake.

Are vegetarian meals for kids better than those containing meat? Yes, most often I would say they are, but it depends. Fast food is always going to be fast food. Vegetarian or not. When buying something pre-made, check what the ingredients are and make your decision when you know what the meal contains.

Greens are so healthy for kids. So try not to skip the salad when making meals at home. Sometime you might not feel you have enough time. How about if you then just buy one of those salad mixes in plastic bags where you only add tomatoes and some olive oil and maybe a little salt?

If your kids don't eat salad - hide it in their smoothies.

Healthy Smoothies for Kids


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