Super Foods for Kids

Yes, there are super foods for kids! Some so called super foods and powders are only for adults, but there are also some that are perfectly safe for children and even very beneficial for their brains and their bodies :)

All fruits and vegetables are so good for children! Have your child eat colorful fresh food every day, organic if possible.

But sometimes it can also be good to give some extra fruits and veggies in powdered form.

You for example could add a teaspoon of veggie powder to a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Or make an easy smoothie with a banana, the juice of a few oranges, one avocado and a handful of baby spinach.

It is very healthy as it is but here you can also add some superfood powder.

There are a few to choose from out there. I especially like the one you see on the picture.

All organic ingredients and of course no GMOs - which is so important.

Here are some more examples of super foods for kids:

Spirulina is another very good super food for children (it is included in most green powders). Buy a high quality one. Only the best is good for our little ones.

The acai berry is a super berry from the Amazon rain forest that spoils very easily, so that's why they don't sell them in other parts of the wold. But they do sell them dried, as a powder. This powder is a something that's very nutritious also for kids.

The reason I know there is acai powder is that me and my son Benji were shopping in an organic supermarket the other day when I suddenly saw a smoothie bar at the back of the store. It was new because I have been to that store many times but I have never seen that smoothie bar.

Benji ordered a smoothie with bananas, acai berry powder, blueberry powder and vanilla. Mmmm...

If you would make it at home you could use real blueberries and it would probably taste even better!

Nuts, unless your child is allergic!

And then there are all kinds of seeds - less tasty but oh so good for you!


Because they contain valuable minerals and lots of protein.

You could make nice snack bars with nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, seeds and some honey or coconut sugar. Or your own granola! It's easy!


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By the way, did you know that together many vegetables are more powerful than alone. For example, eating a carrot is really good for you, and so is eating a tomato. But eating them together is even better!

This is because the phytonutrient lycophene in the tomato helps in the absorption of the beta carotene in the carrot. This makes them a perfect combination! Remember that when eating your dinner today :)

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