Nutrition Basics for Kids

Here we start with some nutrition basics for kids! After that there is a section for the adults in your life who try to teach you all this valuable stuff :)

The Basics

Hi there!

Have you ever noticed how eating one kind of food can make you feel different than eating something else?

I'm sure you have come across food that gives you a tummy ache and that's not fun at all...

I remember that I once felt really sick after having eaten a lot of candy. I never ate that much again.

I know some of you might not always notice so much of a difference in your body when you eat junk and when you don't.

But you can be sure though that it isn't good for your heart, your blood and your liver to eat a lot of sugary and salty stuff. I'm pretty sure one day your body will tell you to STOP. But I know you knew all of this already, because you are very smart!


So maybe those cookies could be replaced by something healthier next time?

You could ask your mom to bake something with you using healthier ingredients. I'm sure she would be very surprised you asked!

Then you could together find some healthy but yummy recipes online, muffins, brownies.. there are a lot of healthy version of them out there.

You just have to be a little creative when it comes to finding the ingredients, and you might have to visit a health food store to find everything.

So what kind of food should you eat the most of?

Food that is still pretty much in it's natural state, like bananas, mangoes, apples and all kinds of fruit, vegetables, berries, dried fruit, potatoes, rice, oats, beans, nuts and salads.

Then there is also of course the food that is not very natural anymore that you shouldn't eat so much of. Like potato chips, soda or fruit loops.

The food you can buy that is not so natural, is also not very clean anymore.

That means that people have added a lot of bad stuff to them at the factory. Like artificial colors, flavors and preservatives that just aren't good for you.

Yesterday he had a kiwi and one passion fruit as an evening snack. Other days he has an apple or a few oranges.

I don’t think he eats that because he is hungry, it is just a part of the evening routine that he has gotten used to. And it is a very healthy one. He hasn't had a cold or flu for many years! Maybe you could do the same?

Here are a few things you should know:

Nutrition Basics for Kids

It is very good to snack on seeds or pine nuts when you study for a test or exam! Or when you do homework that requires you to remember a lot of things :)

Learn about carbohydrates

It's good to teach some nutrition basics for kids of all ages.

And no, it is never too early. Just change the way you teach and the information, depending on the age of the child.

Like and Learn About Nutrition

When talking to kids about nutrition, it is always good to mention the benefits they will get when eating a certain food. Do some research to find something that is custom tailored for the child you are talking to. Take his hobbies, future plans and struggles into consideration.

But the most important thing a child has to learn about nutrition is that green is good! Helps the heart and the immune system. But other colors too of course :) 

You can choose to talk to them about carbohydrates, protein and vitamins - or just tell them about healthy food in general and the benefits of eating them.

You can mention things like for example how chamomile tea calms them down and help them sleep or how ginger can help them when they feel sick or how lemon juice mixed with a little baking soda can help when they feel bloated.

There is so much more, and it is very good for kids to know all of this so they can help themselves when they don't feel well.

Nutrition Basics for Kids

They might seem like they are not listening when you are talking about things like this, and they might just laugh at your efforts of trying to teach them about healthy eating but… they have heard you – believe me. So don't give up.

Many adults wish they would have had some wise adult there for them while growing up, teaching them about food and it's nutrients and how eating good food helps you maintain your natural weight and stay healthy throughout life.

There are so many interesting nutrition facts that you can tell children about. Because after all, if they don't know about all of this, how can they then make informed decisions?

I also saw a cool nutrition game for kids that teach them about wild plants that you can eat. That is something I would love to buy for my son.

Thanks for reading my Nutrition Basics for Kids article! You might also be interested in: Nutrition Education for Kids


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