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Let's talk about bad food for kids.

Children's bodies are not very different from our own - just a smaller version. 

Do you feel bloated after having had certain 'bad' foods?

I certainly do.. the worst one for me are corn chips, tacos and popcorn. 

When my older sister was a toddler she used to react to these foods also. For example, once after having a lot of popcorn her stomach hurt so much. I only started having problems with tacos etc. as an adult but it still doesn't mean it was healthy for me to eat food like that when I was little. 

There is this little baby that everyone thinks has acid reflux, but it turns out, since he is still breast-fed,  he is reacting to the food the mother is eating. So even babies can react to food that aren't the best. Like fried food or dairy or similar. 

And junk food is of course the worst.

Bad Food for Kids

What a bad food is or isn't really depends on if your child seems to react to anything. If they don't, you are lucky and then I would say to just please avoid junk food and candy.

Bad Food for Kids List

  1. Deep Fried Food - like fries and chips
  2. Candy - like lollipops and anything full of white sugar and colors
  3. Sugary baked goods - like doughnuts and muffins you buy at the supermarket
  4. Commercial breakfast cereals
  5. GMO foods like corn or soy that isn't organic and certain spices
  6. Soda

Feeding your kids junk is just not a very good idea. Yes it is cheap, but it's full of chemicals that can, for example, mess up their hormone balance and later lead to serious problems.

Eating 'bad food' also makes it less easy for our children to concentrate, and that is a very common problem these days - often caused by the food we eat.

There are kids eating junk food everywhere you look, right? On the buses, outside schools, on the playground... You don't want your child to be one them.

Because it could very well be that eating that way will create serious issues for them before they even get a chance to have a family of their own.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that food in it's natural state has such great power. With the right food (and with the absence of the wrong ones) we can prevent many challenges.

junk food leads to health problems

Many parents of children who have had serious issues ever since they were born, have been able to help these children tremendously just by making sure they eat clean which mean no processed food and organic.

For children who are already used to unhealthy foods, the trick is to start avoiding a whole list of 'bad stuff' and adding good stuff instead (see the bad food for kids list below). Or substitute with less unhealthy versions.

Cooking meals at home is really the best option.

Here are some healthy family recipes to try.

Feeding Your Kids Junk Is Just Not A Good Idea

My friend Cristina tells her story about her family and fast food:

"When I was young I couldn't live without fast food and junk food. I would lick the inside of the chips bag just to have the last taste of the chips! But when my mom experienced a complication due to her high uric acids I got afraid.

The doctor said it was due to over consumption of salt and unhealthy foods.

My mom still suffers from this. In her 20's my mom used to love eating junk food but now she regrets those days.

Because I was so worried, the doctor explained to me that even if you are eating fast food a lot, it does not mean you will get the same sickness as my mom.

It depends on the amounts of junk you eat and how long you have been eating it regularly. Because it takes time."

And diabetes is not at all fun to have...

So the best thing to do would be to stay away from junk food all together!

With the way things are going (health problems earlier and earlier), marketing junk food to kids should be seen as a crime.

It is advisable to "clean" our body from the inside by increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables.

If we eat enough of those and leave out the bad food for kids (yes, most breakfast cereals are junk too!), our kid's bodies are cleaned slowly and naturally

The earlier we start eating healthy, the better, so that's why it is great to start creating healthy habits in your kids now so they don't have to find out on their own as adults how to eat healthier. 

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