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Getting kids to eat healthy is not always the easiest, as you probably know from experience!

We want them to be the healthiest they can be, and become strong and amazing adults that make a difference. All that is so much easier with the right types of food in the body!

On this page I share 5 fun but important tips with you that has worked for me wit my own son but also with the families and the many children I have worked with in the past. You can jump straight down to the tips by clicking here.

Broccoli, kale, beets, sprouts...

How do you get your child to eat food like that without a battle?

It is a known fact that most children don't want to eat healthy stuff.

And some children don't even want to go near anything that's good for them.

But it depends. With my son it wasn't that hard. At least not when he was under five years old.

Later on we have had some issues with chocolate, but it's my own fault, as I was hooked on it myself. Thankfully I'm not anymore :)

At the moment I'm staying away from anything with white sugar in the ingredient list.


Because I want to protect my brain and my heart.

It is sometimes easier said than done not to ever have it.

But it is possible.

And it gets so much easier when you get used to it.

So, where were we? Oh, yes. Getting kids to eat healthy :)

How do we do that?

(By the way, here is another article I wrote specifically targeting the picky eater challenge: Parenting a Picky Eater)

OK, here goes...

Getting kids to eat healthy

starts with...

1. No Pressure

It's wise not to put pressure on your child. All you have to do is offer her the food.

If she doesn't eat it, why not eat it yourself! In front of her. Then another day, offer it to her again. And again.

how to get them to eat

After some time you can let her know how good you feel because you have been eating so healthy lately.

Tell her how much more you con get done at work, how you aren't tired in the middle of the day anymore. This might make her want to eat what you eat.

2. Name The Dish You Are Making

Always when making something you think your little one might not want to eat, like a salad or a soup, add one ingredient you know your child loves and name the dish after that ingredient. i just now made a salad and added three avocados because I know Benji likes them so much. Soon I will go to his room and tell him to come and eat avocado salad :)

3. Make it into a game!

Here is an idea for getting kids to eat healthy I got from my lovely sister!

My son is visiting her right now and this is what she did: she prepared a really healthy breakfast for him and then told him that he is invited to eat breakfast at the Grand Hotel and pretended she as the waiter!

She presented the breakfast to him like this:

'Breakfast at Grand Hotel: Nordic Oatmeal with Raspberries, fruit carpaccio and green tea with liquorice. All served with golden spoons, of course'. Who could resist that?

Find fun kid's breakfast ideas here.

4. Share Nutrition Facts

Here and there, tell your child a few interesting nutrition facts about the food you are trying to get her to eat.

Like for example that eating kale is good for the muscles and helps you sleep better at night too, because of the magnesium in it.

But be careful, don't over do it, just give her the facts without expecting anything from her. Because it could backfire... and the decision is supposed to be hers anyway.

Here is by the way something on healthy eating habits for kids.

5. Make Smoothies!

This is a very well-known way getting kids to eat healthier.

Just find a few cool recipes and add a lot of interesting ingredients. Taste before you serve :)

In my opinion making smoothies is the easiest way to get a child to have veggies, seeds, sprouts and all kinds of great stuff.

And again, if they don't want it, instead drink it and make sure they see you doing it.

A small side note on getting kids to eat healthy:

Sometimes we also underestimate what our kids will be able to tolerate. Yesterday I made myself and Benji a fruit smoothie and added parsley. In his I didn't add much but in mine I did. He wanted more when he had finished his. I said we only have more of the one with a lot of parsley in it, that's why it's so green. He said "Meh, does it really matter?" and poured himself a big glass :)

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I remember when my son's nanny used to tell me not to disturb them when she is feeding him. She used to make these Peruvian soups and he would never eat well if I would be in the same room. So when I came home from school, I would tip toe past the kitchen because often just then they would be there eating :)

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