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Students really suffer when they have parents who don't care about feeding them well... Pale little faces, dull eyes, rings under the eyes and concentration issues are a few signs that a child isn't eating in a way that he or she should. 

So if you are a parent or teacher who would like to teach your children about the importance of good nutrition, way to go! We definitely need more of you out there!

We already know because of recent research that the way a child eats helps or doesn't help the ability to learn to read more fluently. So that shows us that the food we put on the plates of the little ones plays a factor in how the mind develops.

Another study showed that kids are more excited about having fruits and vegetables after learning about their benefits!

One idea to help kids learn about healthy eating would be to take them for a visit to your local supermarket and talk to them about products that we should buy and about those that we shouldn't buy.

Talk about processed food, additives, preservatives and "clean" food. Also, teach them how to read nutrition labels!

You could also do a lot of food related activities at home or in the classroom.

Food Related Activities

Nutrition Education for Kids

Nutrition games, arts and crafts, crossword puzzles... And, one of the most important things you could do is of course to cook with them!

As we all know, the behavior and mindset of our children is greatly affected by what they put in their mouth's on a daily basis.

If everyone would understand how important it is that children eat well, we would have much healthier kids with even more energy and imagination than they already have.

When I watched the videos by health experts on nutrition for kids, at an online event called "The Children's Health Summit", I was thinking that those videos could be very interesting for all caregivers.

Here you can order them:

There are such wonderful tips and ideas in them that it's really not something you would want to miss.

A few tips for parents:

Show your kids that you love eating all that food that makes us strong and healthy. I often eat celery, cucumber, sweet pepper or a bowl full of carrots when I'm watching some show with my son. Sometimes he wants some too, sometimes not.

Also, eat salads in front of them.

And take the time to eat breakfast with them at the table every morning.

More good ideas here.


It is difficult to measure the amount of bad stuff that is resent in the food we buy every day and serve our children, unless of course you are a scientist.

I really hope something is done about this soon because we want out children to have a chance to choose to eat clean, fresh food!

Here is one video I found that can serve as a model on how to talk to the children in your life about food and healthy cooking:

This was kind of funny (Mr, MIx Up goes shopping and then makes vegetable salad):

Beyond Nutrition Education for Kids

We also need to teach our children how not be a couch potato!

Studies have shown that it's even worse for our health than we knew! Even sitting for more than 30 minutes straight is bad for you!

No Sitting

So our toddlers and younger children really need to stop hanging out online all day or watching cartoons - yes,  even if you have a million things to do and even if it's raining :)

Instead, you could get a neighbor's kid to come in and play, or hire a young babysitter who would need the money.

And our teenagers need to stop lying in bed constantly. Because from experience I know that they lie in bed watching youtube, hanging out on Instagram and chatting on whats app. And they often even do their homework n bed. This is really something that could become a bad habit that could be a problem for their future health. So please let them know!

Here is a very important studies about sitting too much

By the way, how is the nutrition education for kids in you child's school?

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